Sea of Thieves Renown Guide – How to Earn Renown in Season Two

Season 2 of Sea of Thieves has arrived, so don your peg legs, sharpen those swords, and get ready to plunder some treasure. Similar to last season, players can unlock 100 tiers of rewards via the battle pass system. These rewards include everything from ship cosmetics, new outfits, weapons, and more. This makes it a perfect choice for those looking to get more out of their high seas hijinks. However, leveling up your battle pass isn’t tied to any existing currency like gold. Instead, players will need to earn Sea of Thieves’ version of experience which is called “Renown.” So if you want to claim everything the battle pass has to offer, here’s how you earn Renown and what you should do first if you’re looking to grind some levels.

How to Earn Renown

Renown is earned by pretty much doing anything in Sea of Thieves. From killing skeletons to cashing in chests to sinking mighty sea creatures, you will be constantly handed our Renown. However, the best way to speed up your experience collection is by completing Trials. These are Sea of Thieves’ versions of challenges which are broken up into four categories each of which contains a little over a dozen individual tasks for you to finish. These range wildly in difficulty and are broken up across three tiers of difficulty. Each trial contains Deeds, which you will need to finish first to complete the Trial and earn your Renown.

Sea of Thieves

Keep in mind, new Deeds and Trials won’t unlock as the season progresses. Unlike other battle passes, all the challenges are available right from the start and you can make progress towards multiple ones at once. However, if you want to get some early Renown you can should first go visit the Merchant. Interact with the blue book next to them and then purchase one of each Resource Crate. Once your done spending some gold, head to the equipment chest and change all your equipment. Now make your way to the clothing chest and do the same for every piece of clothing available. Make sure to back out with your new items equipped otherwise it doesn’t appear to count towards your Deed.

Some other easy Deeds involve cooking food until it’s both perfect and burned. If you have spare Dabloons considering purchasing an Ashen Key and Ashen Chest from Larinna. Completing these will also finish some Deeds, so make sure to take care of these quests before leaving the Outpost. Additionally, if you have the Reaper costume, throw it on and grab the Reaper Emissary to finish another Deed. Two other easy challenges involve changing your lantern color on the Ferry of the Damned and reviving a teammate. I also recommend focusing on the Tall Tale Deeds first since these will definitely be time-consuming. So if you’re missing a specific cosmetic item, focus on that Tall Tale so you can make some progress towards another goal.

Again, you are handed out Renown for just playing the game and most of these challenges will be finished naturally. I wouldn’t worry too much about trying to hit Level 100 right away unless you don’t play a lot of Sea of Thieves.