How to Get the Halo Spartan Ship Skin in Sea of Thieves

We've got some news for anyone interested in the Halo skin in Sea of Thieves.

If you’ve logged into Sea of Thieves recently, you might have seen something a little out of place: namely, Master Chief’s corpse strapped to the front of someone’s ship. Have no fear, everyone’s favorite Spartan hasn’t been sent to Davy Jones’ locker! It’s just the special edition Halo skin for Seas of Thieves.

The skin is… very interesting, to say the least. It appears Master Chief has been killed, stuffed, and mounted on your masthead. Look at it! They even gave him a little spear. You know — that iconic weapon from the Halo series. That way he can go bloody whale hunting, or something. The Spartan sails are also a plague upon your eyeballs, brightly displaying the United Nations Space Corps (UNSC) logo, because nothing says piracy quite like an authoritarian space navy’s symbol.

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UPDATE (08/19/19): Rare is bringing back the Spartan ship skin in Sea of Thieves for a limited time! You just need to play between Aug. 20 and Aug. 24 (Tuesday to Saturday of this week). That’s… basically it! The full Spartan ship skin should just automatically appear on your account — including the wheel, capstan, and cannons. You can play in Adventure mode or the Arena. Our original story follows…

The Halo skin set was a time-limited reward for logging into Sea of Thieves between the June 10 and June 15 (i.e. during E3 2019). If you didn’t grab it then, you’re unfortunately you’re out of luck — for the time being. There’s no word from Rare on whether the Halo skin set will be available again down the line in Sea of Thieves. Live games like Sea of Thieves tend to cycle in old content like this regularly. And given the strange window to get the Halo ship skin before, we have to imagine this won’t be your only chance. We’ll keep you updated when we know more!

But hey, look on the bright side, the Halo skin is (mostly) hideous. Who cares if you don’t have it? I mean look at the actual state of this. The Spartan hull section of the Halo skin is this release’s saving grace, though, as it doesn’t come emblazoned with military iconography or dead Spartans — it’s just a muted green paint job which matches up nicely with some of the existing cosmetics like the purple Kraken sails.

There isn’t a skin for the wheel or cannons, either, which seems like a missed opportunity. Guns are the only thing Halo and Sea of Thieves have in common after all. Not to mention there were some genuine possibilities the developer missed out on. A Needler skin for the cannons would have been glorious! Or maybe they could have made the wheel out of Energy Swords. And while we’re on the topic of missed opportunities, why no sea shanty version of the Halo theme? Get it together, Microsoft.

Oh, well. At least it’s something to hope for in the future. We’ll be sure to let you know when and if the Halo ship skin becomes available in Sea of Thieves again sometime in the future. So be sure to check back often, lest you miss this precious cosmetic! In the meantime, let’s petition Rare for a Gears of War ship skin with a massive chainsaw as the masthead. Yargh, scratch one grub.


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