Sea of Thieves Dark Relic Guide – Voyages, Reaper’s Chests & Ritual Skulls

The Sea of Thieves Dark Relic update has just washed ashore. The limited time event offers new missions, world-events, and customization options for you budding pirates to sink your teeth into… assuming you still have teeth. Scurvy makes fools of us all. Anyway, let’s take a gander at what this update has to offer in our Dark Relic guide to Sea of Thieves!

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Dark Relic Voyages – Sea of Thieves Guide

Dark Relic Voyages are the major new feature in the Sea of Thieves Dark Relic update. These multi-stage missions combine both treasure hunts and skeleton captain bounties — activities traditionally split between the Gold Hoarders and the Order of Souls, respectively. Be warned, though. These missions are only available for a limited time. Developer Rare promised “a few weeks,” but didn’t get more specific than that.

You can buy Dark Relic Voyages from Duke: the old dude hanging around in Taverns across the Sea of Thieves. Duke will sell you a Dark Relic Voyage for the princely sum of five Doubloons (10 for the Athena version, for Pirate Legends only). Given the relative scarcity of Doubloons, it’s a steep cost. Yet the Dark Relic Voyages are worth the price of entry.

Along with the usual wealth of treasure and skulls, you can also get your hands on the titular Dark Relics. There are five different Relics to look out for: The Enchantment Vessel, Hexing Skull, Evil Eye, Mutinous Effigy, and Bewitching Doll. Each Dark Relic has a different gold value. However, they also reward you with five Doubloons if you sell them.

Despite Rare’s grand gesturing and vague threats, these missions don’t seem any tougher than the standard voyages in Sea of Thieves. Each consists of four stages, with two skeleton bounties and two treasure maps. It’s a mixture of riddles, X marks the spot, and fighting captains. The Athena versions are harder, sure, and cost more upfront. Naturally the rewards are scaled accordingly.

So if these are just like regular missions, what’s in it for you? Well, apart from the chance to grab extra Doubloons and a literal boatload of treasure, there’s a unique cosmetic ship set tied to this update. There’s the Mercenary ship livery set — complete with cannons, a capstan, and a wheel). This set is only unlocked by completing the “Seeking Stolen Power” commendation. That requires you to complete a Dark Relic Voyage in each of the three main regions (The Shores of Plenty, The Wilds, and The Ancient Isles). There are also a bunch of other commendations tied to the Dark Relics event, so you’ll have plenty to do.

Reaper’s Chests – Sea of Thieves Guide

Reaper’s Chests are the other major addition to Sea of Thieves in the Dark Relics update. Reaper’s Chests look rather plain, but don’t let their drab appearance fool you. These are some of the most valuable chests in Sea of Thieves. Unlike most other collectibles in the game, they reward you with Doubloons.

It’s a server-wide event whenever a Reaper’s Chest in Sea of Thieves spawns. It’s a bit like Skull Forts and Skeleton Fleets. When a Reaper’s Chest spawns, a beam of green and red light bursts forth into the sky, signaling everyone on the server to its location. The Reaper’s Chest’s position will also be marked on your map with a red skull.

As soon as you spot the signal, you need to haul ass to that marker. When you reach the signal, you’ll find a submerged wreck with one or more smaller beams of light emanating from it. If there are multiple beams, then there are multiple Reaper’s Chests inside. Dive underwater and search the wreck — ignoring the other loot. The rest is just there to distract you. Grab the Reaper’s Chest and get it back to your ship!

There are no unique threats aboard the shipwreck, but that doesn’t mean they’re safe. The real danger you need to watch out for is other players. Remember that everyone on the server can see the beam of light; they’re coming for that booty. Scan the horizon on your approach to the wreck and watch for other crews closing in on the prize. Also make sure to leave someone on guard duty while you dive down to grab the chest. Otherwise you might resurface to find your own ship sunk. Once the Reaper’s Chests are aboard, it’s time to scarper. Be aware that other players can still see the Reaper’s Chest on the map, so they’ll be able to track you down even after you secure it.

Make for the nearest Outpost and sell the chest to Duke (the old dude next to the bar in the Tavern). He will reward you with a healthy supply of Doubloons. I received 25 Doubloons for each of my Reaper’s Chests, but this may vary.

Ritual Skulls – Sea of Thieves Guide

Another new feature is the addition of Ritual Skulls. Skeletons will have a chance to drop these throughout the Dark Relics event. They don’t serve any fancy purpose, nor do they reward you with Doubloons when sold, but they do bring in a hefty chunk of gold (about as much as a Skeleton Captain’s Skull). Which is to say they’re worth grabbing when you see them. Ritual Skulls are identified by the red stripe running down their faces.

And there you have it! That’s just about everything new in the Sea of Thieves Dark Relics event. The only other major change is that rowboats now come with a harpoon attached, should you wish to latch onto your Galleon and do a bit of wakeboarding. Anyway, save that nonsense for later, there are Dark Relics to uncover.


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