Sea of Thieves Crossplay Guide – Does Sea of Thieves Have Crossplay?

The dangerous waters of Sea of Thieves are finally available on Steam, so grab your eyepatch, strap on your peg leg, and hoist the sails. Developed by Rare, this jolly pirate game has users traversing a cartoonish version of the Caribbean in hopes of find loot and adventure. Despite a rather uneventful launch, Rare has consistently updated Sea of Thieves, introducing a whole host of new content for users to dig into. This makes it a perfect time to hop into this game if you’re a newcomer or one that stepped away after the game’s launch. However, there is some concern about if Sea of Thieves supported crossplay between Xbox, the Windows 10 version of the game, and Steam. After all, pirating is better with friends, right?

Sea of Thieves Crossplay

Does Sea of Thieves Have Crossplay?

Yes! Sea of Thieves supports crossplay between Xbox, Windows 10, and Steam via the Play Anywhere. This means you can not only enjoy the game with your friends across platforms but switch consoles while keeping your process. This is because when you log onto Sea of Thieves via Steam you will be prompted to sign in to your Microsoft account. Doing so will let you play with others regardless of which platform or online service they decide to enjoy Sea of Thieves on.

Keep in mind, if you play Sea of Thieves on Windows 10, but want to move to Steam you will need to purchase the game again. While your progress will be saved across these two services, owning the game on one platform does not entitle users to a free version somewhere else. So unless you’re a Steam purist, we recommend just sticking with whatever version you have now. Especially since you can play with anyone regardless, so there’s no reason to by another Sea of Thieves.

More Sea of Thieves:

For those just returning, Rare has just launched its latest batch of content called the “Haunted Shores.” This free update has players battling it out against ghost ships that will attack players foolish enough to take them on. Ghost ships can deal heavy damage thanks to special rounds that deal additional structural damage to enemy ships and can drop mines in the water. If you defeat enough ghost ships, then a flagship will arrive and attempt to sink you. Destroying this ship will earn you a lot of high tier treasure and the Burning Blades sails. Additionally, you can sell Ghost Captain Skulls to earn the Ghost Captain Sails.

There are also a number of new emotes, pets, and cosmetic options for players to purchase. This includes the State of Decay themed ship which comes with zombie-focused sails, cannons, anchor, wheel, and figurehead. Rare is also including a number of new events that players can participate in for additional gold or reputation. Finally, Sea of Thieves now allows players to select which shanty they want to play, along with a plethora of new songs to enjoy while heading into battle.

Now get out there are start hunting some treasure!


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