Sea of Thieves Ashen Winds Guide – How to Get the Ashen Winds Tattoos

Sea of Thieves received an update this morning that revolves around slaying fearsome fiery skeleton lords that are rising from the dead. Tied to a new world event, players can track down these bosses and slay them for a ton of Ashen loot. Along with regular chests, gems, and spices, you’ll also receive the Ashen Winds Skull, which can be used as a makeshift flamethrower to set your enemies ablaze! Just like previous content updates, players can earn event-specific loot for a limited time. While many will be chasing down the Sails of the Ashen Winds, others will be hunting for the four different tattoo sets you can unlock.

Here’s how to decorate your pirate and obtain the Ashen Winds tattoos:

How to Unlock the Ashen Winds Tattoos

There are four Ashen Winds tattoos you can unlock, each of which is tied to one of the four new pirate lords. These enemies are exclusive to the latest world event, so you will need to hunt these foes down yourself. Killing Red Ruth, Captain Grimm, Warden Chi, or Old Horatio five times will complete a Commendation tied to their specific tattoo. For example, if you slay Warden Chi five times you’ll complete The Hunter of Warden Chi Commendation and gain access to the Chi’s Bane Tattoo.

You can find each Commendation needed for the four tattoos below:

  • Chi’s Bane Tattoo – The Hunter of Warden Chi Commendation
  • Grimm’s Bane Tattoo – The Hunter of Captain Grimm Commendation
  • Ruth’s Bane Tattoo – The Hunter of Red Ruth Commendation
  • Horatio’s Bane Tattoo – The Hunter of Old Horatio Commendation

Sea of Thieves Ashen Winds Tattoos

You do not need to sell the Ashen Skull to make progress, simply being apart of the crew that slays the skeleton lord will suffice. To find an Ashen Winds skeleton lord, look for the massive red tornado that will randomly spawn over one of the game’s bigger islands. This is a world event,m so it may take some time before it actually appears. If you don’t feel like waiting, just keep server hopping until you find one where the tornado is active. Keep in mind, other players can see this too, so be prepared to either join or fight another crew.

Which Ashen Winds lord you get is completely random and there’s no way to force spawn one via a quest or adventure like the ghost ships. These are solely tied to the event, so be prepared to fight over it with other players. With that being said, the steps for this quest aren’t that bad since you only need to kill each lord five times. Just don’t be reckless, as these bosses do a ton of damage and boast a variety of new attacks like raining fire from the sky or releasing a blinding ash cloud. This will make battles more dynamic than previous bosses, but also raise the risk of fighting them if there are other players nearby.

Sea of Thieves’ Ashen Winds event is currently live, so get out there and set fire to the world!


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