Sea of Thieves Guide – How to Get the Rare 35th Anniversary Figurehead

A special event is taking place in Sea of Thieves to celebrate Rare’s 35th Anniversary. Players who log on from August 3rd to the 24th can partake in an Easter egg hunt top unlock the all-new Rare Legend figurehead. This quest can be completed regardless of how many hours you’ve put into the game, making it exceptionally easy to acquire. You’ll be completing five different challenges, four of which simply ask you to find painting or items homaging previous titles ion Rare’s library.

It took me roughly two hours to complete the entire questline, so don’t be worried about needing to set aside an entire night for this. Additionally, some players have been reporting a bug where they weren’t rewarded the figurehead despite completing the tasks. This is a bug on Rare’s end and it will, hopefully, be resolved soon. Here’s how to complete all five Rare 35th Anniversary challenges!

(Author’s Note: For clarification, the pictures are above the text not below it. The only exceptions to this are Plunder Valley and Thieves Haven since there are two photos per entry.)

Perfectly Dark

This is the only non-island related challenge you will need to complete. To earn Perfectly Dark, you will need to sail through a storm at night with all your ship’s lights turned off.  Personally, I found the Sloop the best choice for this, since you easily snuff out all the lights and quickly sail into a storm. Make sure you are doing this at night, otherwise, it will not count towards this challenge. You don’t need to sail through the whole storm, just get about midway in and turn around.

You’ll know the challenge is completed because you’ll earn some coins and doubloons.

Sea of Thieves Battle Toads

Snake Island – Battle Toads

The first island you’ll want to navigate to is Snake Island which is located at the bottom of K15 on your map. When you reach this island, park your ship and head up to the top of the middle island. Follow the path to the top until you reach the large snake statue with a painting of several worshippers underneath. Adjacent to this is a cliffside overlooking the ocean. Turn around, approach the cliff, and look to your left to find the painting of the Battle Toads. Interact with this to complete this challenge.

Shipwreck Bay – Blackwyche

Perhaps the easiest of the Easter eggs to find, head to Shipwreck Bay at quadrant M10. Park your ship near the main island and go towards the Southern part of the island. You should see a massive, broken ship washed up on the shore with a ladder leading up to the captain’s quarters. Climb up the ladder and interact with the hanging sign that says Blackwyche on it to complete this challenge. Just be careful sailing into this area, as there are a ton of rocks and debris you can hit.

Thieves Haven – Viva Pinata

For the Viva Pinata Easter egg, head to Thieves Haven which is between grid L20 and M20. When you arrive, park your ship inside the cove and look towards the North. You should see a long straight ladder leading up to a cliffside.  Don’t go up the other ladders, as they will lead you away from the Viva Pinata painting. Climb up this ladder and then follow the stone path to the left. You can see what the ladder looks like in the picture above!

You will quickly reach a fork in the road, with one of the paths turning left and heading back out to the cliffs. You can find the Viva Pinata painting on the rock near this fork in the road. Just walk up and interact with it to complete this step.

Plunder Valley – Banjo Kazooie

The final Easter egg is actually pretty close, so head to Plunder Valley which is at grid G16. When you arrive, try to park on the East side of the island near the shipwreck. Once you’re on the island, head up the path, and keep climbing until you reach the “third level.” This can be a little tricky to find, so follow the arrow in the photo above as you’ll need to snake up the path. Do not go all the way to the top where the flame beacon is. It’s located one “floor” below that.

Against the rockface, hidden in the plants is a painting of Banjo and Kazooie. If you’ve been following our guide then you’ll have completed all the challenges! Now sail to any of the Outpost to change your figurehead. There is no additional cost after the challenge and you’ll earn around 15,000 gold for your troubles! These challenges can be completed at any time and with any type of ship or crew. Just make sure to visit all the paintings before August 24th!


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