Scrap Mechanic Survival Map Guide – Is There a Map in Survival Mode?

Scrap Mechanic’s new Survival mode has just released and a plethora of new players are hopping into this complex title for the first time. Similar to other games in this genre, Scrap Mechanic drops you into a hostile world with nothing but a crafting tool and your wits. From there, it’s up to you to build and fight off the mechanical menace plaguing the planet. Curiously, one aspect of Scrap Mechanic is missing, which can make venturing out into the world more frustrating than fun. This has left many wondering if players can get a map or a compass to keep them from getting lost.

Is There a Map in Scrap Mechanic?

Unfortunately no, you cannot use, find, or create a map in Scrap Mechanic’s Survival mode at the time of writing this. While we initially thought it would be a craftable item, it’s clear that this mode doesn’t give you any real way to map your position. This can be frustrating since the Survival mode map is fairly large and there aren’t a ton of recognizable landmarks. There’s also no way to craft a compass or marker that you can see on screen to indicate a specific position. Because of this, you’ll need to remember the terrain as you explore or risk getting lost and mauled by Farmbots.

The only method I found for tracking my base when I’m out exploring is the red timer that indicates when the robots will attack my crops. I could see this from quite a far distance since it’s the only way you will be notified about when and where the Farmbots will arrive. However, this method is obviously not ideal since you will only be able to venture out so far before you need to return and defend your base. Since you typically only have 20 minutes before a wave of enemies come, you cannot really go out an explore unless you have an upgraded car.

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Using the timer is a little easier when playing with others since you can send one person out to gather resources while the remaining mechanics stay around the base to defend.  Again, this isn’t ideal since you will need to be playing with others and rely on them to destroy the Farmbots without you.

As for the map itself, there are some aspects that are static, which can make it easy to get your bearings when you are just starting out. First off, the crash site, ruined building near it, and the pond with farm supplies will always be in the same location. Additionally, following the road will lead you to the gas station, which is where a lot of players end up constructing their base. There is also a vendor that is vaguely near the center of the map, but his exact location appears to change from game to game. Just look for the plethora of keep out signs going up a large hill to find this farmer.

Hopefully, developer Axolot Games adds in a map sometime soon as the game desperately needs a more succinct method of exploring the world.


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