Scarlet Nexus Best Brain Map Upgrades Guide – Best Skills

Researchers say they've finally mapped the entire human brain.

The upgrade system in Scarlet Nexus isn’t incredibly complicated. There are only three different sections of the brain map: Enhance, Support, and Expand. Each offers a different type of upgrades and it can be hard to know which ones to prioritize, especially early on when you aren’t earning that many Brain Points (BP). In this guide, we’ll be highlighting all of the most important skills you want to unlock as soon as you can.

Scarlet Nexus Best Brain Map Skills

When you first start leveling in Scarlet Nexus you’ll only get one or two Brain Points per level, but as you continue on you’ll earn enough to purchase at least one 4-cost node. In general, we recommend avoiding Enhance altogether until later on. Each upgrade improves your damage by a small amount and while it adds up over time, adding more active skills to your repertoire is far more valuable.

Additional Plug-in Equip Slot 1 & 2

When you first start the game you can only equip one plug-in. Even early on the stat bonuses these provide are super powerful. That’s why you should aim to at least get the first additional slot upgrade before getting too far into the game. It’s only three Brain Points to get there so there’s really no excuse.

Double Jump, Aerial Dash, Rebound

I’m lumping these three together because they’re all about giving you more mobility. With so much emphasis placed on avoiding enemy attacks, you’re going to need them. You can find them among the first few upgrades of the Expand tree.

If you’ve ever found yourself knocked down and struggling to get up, that’s where Rebound comes in. Instead of waiting to get back up and watching foes get in free attacks, you can simply recover before that even happens.

Concurrent SAS Activation

Getting the first of the two SAS Activation skills is critical. Having it allows you to combine your teammate’s abilities. While the use case isn’t super obvious early on, it becomes clearer after about four to five hours into the game.

Whereas at first you’re mostly dealing with damaging effects, you’ll eventually gain access to characters with non-damaging abilities. Being able to combine one with the other is a big boon to how much damage you can do. For example, you will encounter invisible enemies. To target them you need to use an ability. Being able to combine that with fire or electricity so you can up your damage while still seeing the foes is helpful!

Auto-Heal & Quick Item

This is more of a nice to have thing than a skill that’s necessary, but we still recommend it. If you don’t want to spend your credits purchasing health kits, this is what you need.

Speaking of, when things get really rough and you’re close to death, there’s nothing worse than having to stand still for a split second as your character uses the consumable. Quick Item is a skill which removes the animation, letting you heal on the run.

Max Psy Gauge Boost

Like we said, most upgrades in Enhance aren’t worth it. Max Psy Gauge Boost is, however. If you’re a big fan of throwing objects at enemies and using your psychokinesis, being able to charge that bar up even higher has obvious benefits.

4th Weapon Combo Attack Hit

You’ll also want to spend some time increasing the length of your combos. After you knock a foe down, it’s time to break out the combos. Early on in the game your damage output with these isn’t super strong. Down the line you’re going to want to be able to take advantage of every second an enemy is open for damage and that means having longer combos. Make sure to grab both the basic attack one and the other which gives psy gauge charges when you use it.


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