Roblox: Era of Althea Codes & Reroll Guide (May 2021)

Are you looking for codes? Sweet, sweet Roblox codes to customize your characters? Or perhaps you’re trying to get into the hottest new Roblox game? You’ve come to the right place then, friend: we’ve got all you need for Era of Althea, a Roblox MMO.

Era of Althea is a small, PC-only MMO built on the Roblox platform, featuring magic, weapons, quests, guilds and Player vs. Player combat. While in the early stages of development still, the gameplay is there and has an active player base. The spins utilized to reroll your characters’ attributes – your Race, Trait, Stats and Snap are all randomly generated, and must be rerolled if you wish to maximize your characters’ potential. There’s a quick guide on doing all of that down below the codes list!

Roblox: Era of Althea Codes (May 2021)

First up, let’s get to the currently working codes for Era of Althea! You can redeem these codes by pressing “M” on your keyboard and then clicking on the Settings cog.

These codes are verified to be working as of May 24, 2021!

  • New
    • 25LIKES! – Grants 15 free spins!
    • 4MILVISITS! – Grants 15 free spins!
  • Older
    • AltheaHype! – Grants 10 free spins!
    • AhwokenTwitter! – Grants 5 free spins!
    • MaineEOA – Grants 5 free spins!
    • ShutdownForFixesA! – Grants 5 free spins!

These codes are verified as NO LONGER WORKING:

  • 15KLIKES!
  • E0A
  • 1500Likes
  • 3000Likes
  • 6000Likes2
  • TrueSupport!

A Beginner’s Guide to Era of Althea

You might be lost your first time playing Era of Althea. If so, here’s a quick beginner’s guide for you!

It’s recommended you reroll your Race first and aim for either Noble, Jakkon, or Elf (Balanced, Melee or Magic builds, respectively.) Afterwards, it’s recommended that you reroll your Stats, to match your Race build. For example, Nobles can reach a cap of seven in all stats, while Jakkon can reach a cap of 10 in Physical Strength, and Elves can reach a cap of ten in Snap Control and Magic Amount. Finally, reroll your Trait, aiming for Game Addict for 50 percent bonus experience, Blade Master for 100 percent bonus mastery, or Elven Blood for a huge boost to mana.

You can reroll your Snap (the colored tome attached to your character) to a different element if you so choose. The elements are Frost, Fire, Light, Dark, Water, and Wind. While each Snap does different things, it’s commonly agreed upon that Light, Dark, and Frost are the three best Snaps to have. However, there’s no accounting for taste – give them all a try and see which ones you like best! A reminder, though: you must be at least Level 10 to gain your first spell (or Page, as the game calls it).

If you’re hurting for money or experience, hit up the town bounty board! It’s tucked away behind some buildings, but you can also find a Smithy and a few shops – make sure to grab either a sword or a spear before you head out into the wilderness. Take the “Kill Six Wolves” quest until you reach level 15, then start farming the “Kill The Dire Wolf” quest to really rack up those levels. Just be ready with your block button, as the Dire Wolf can stun you and take a huge chunk out of health.

Enjoying Era of Althea? Got a new code that just got posted and want to share? Feel free to post below!


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