Roblox: Brookhaven Music Codes Guide – List of All Current Codes

Wow, I can roleplay my middle school days - losing at Tetris while I choke on burnt pizza.

Curious about Brookhaven? It’s one of the hottest Roblox games on the market – with a record shattering two billion visitors over its lifespan, it’s become a great hangout spot for people interested in Roblox. Own your own home (a fantasy for many of us, I’m sure), check out the local stores, and befriend your community. Think Sims, but Roblox-y.

Brookhaven has a lot of customizability built into the game – everything from the shape and color of your house to your character’s outfit can be changed and tailored to fit your style. Not stopping there, it also allows you to change your music – but only if you have the proper codes. We’ve got a list of currently working music codes for Brookhaven down below.

In order to utilize these codes, you first need to purchase the Music Unlock option, which will run you 150 Robux. Get that, and then you can start to enter codes to unlock new music!

(Hackers’ voice) i’m in

Here is a list of music codes tested to work as of June 2021. Keep in mind that, like all Roblox codes, these codes can expire, be swapped for newer codes, or simply stop working – if the below codes don’t work, let us know and we’ll see if they were replaced with anything!

Functioning Music Codes (June 2021)

  • 160442087
  • 143666548
  • 154664102
  • 1259050178

Music not really your jam? Get to know your neighbors! Brookhaven is a role playing game, after all, and there are no shortage of cool cars, houses, and outfits for you to check out. Hit up the local shops, enroll in the local school, and dive face first into the community pool – whatever you like to spend time doing, just make sure you’re surrounded by friends to enjoy it with.

If you want to recreate famous movie scenes, the environment has plenty of set props and locations for you to role play in. Everything from airplanes to diners, schools to race tracks, are available for you and your friends to hang out in!

Got any tips or tricks for Brookhaven? Want to see more Roblox guides from us and got a specific game in mind? Let us know down below!


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