Roblox: All Star Tower Defense Codes Guide (May 2021)

Koku, Zaruto, and more team up to fight non-copyrighted enemies from the void.

If you had told me a few weeks before I started writing about Roblox I was going to relive my younger Starcraft days playing Tower Defense mods featuring legally-distinct non-copyrighted characters from my favorite anime, I’d have laughed in your face. But here we are. All-Star Tower Defense is one of the hottest games available on Roblox at the moment, allowing you to collect simulacrums of your favorite anime characters and place them on a map while they zap and slash slowly marching enemies.

After playing for some time, we’ve rounded up codes and prepared a beginners guide ready for you to dive into All-Star Tower Defense!

Working Codes (Verified May 21, 2021)

Below are the only known working codes for All-Star Tower Defense:

  • diamondnowina – Grants 150 gems.
  • yellowsix – Grants 150 gems.
  • tysmfor1mfavorite – Grants 750 coins, 750 gems, 5-star EXP Unit

Any other codes are currently defunct.

You can input these codes by clicking on the Settings cog in the lower right and using the “Enter Code” box.

Getting Started in All Star Tower Defense

In order to get going, you need to understand how the beginning stages of the game work. While you may be able to clear the first six stages with your starter units (Koku and Zaruto, respectively) this is extremely tough to do and not worth the hassle. Instead, you should utilize the codes up above to get a few free rolls on the gacha and get a 4-star unit (or better, if you’re lucky!)

Plenty of your favorite anime series and characters are represented here – it’s a matter of waiting for a gacha category you want. Generally, however, any 4-star can carry you through your beginning levels. I rolled a “Future T” unit with my first roll, and he has an AoE attack that gets upgraded into an AoE beam, which is the definition of fire-and-forget.

You can set up to eight copies of each unit and you can stock up to six units as you level up. Furthermore, you can feed units you no longer need to your main units, leveling them up. This is the quickest way to gain power and speed up clear rate.

Combining Units in All Star Tower Defense

Like any gacha game, tossing unused units into your main units will speed up your progression. It is highly recommended that you focus on one of your 4-star units during your tutorial stages, and get them to level 30 first. Keep any 4-star units you get, but your 3-star units can safely be fed away.

Furthermore, it’s recommended that you play Infinite Mode a few times to get EXP Units. Just keep in mind that you will need a mixture of Ground and Air units to survive long enough to make it worthwhile. In this regard, you may wish to keep a 3-star Air Unit that isn’t Koku. Infinite Mode is tough, and you won’t clear it, but every ten waves nets you a 3-star EXP Unit, which is handy.

That’s our code and starter guide for All-Star Tower Defense! Let us know down below if any new codes get launched!


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