Riders Republic Stars Guide – How to Earn More Stars

Riders Republic is the latest sports game from Ubisoft that blends extreme sports with a large open world. You assume the role of a newcomer looking to make their mark in this haven of offroad biking, skiing, snowboarding, and, uh, jetpacks. While you explore this open-world you will see hundreds of other users racing around, performing tricks, and most likely crashing. If you want to unlock new rides, races, money, and cosmetics you’ll need to earn Stars. These are essentially Riders Republic’s version of experience, with every Star increasing your overall level. If you’re just starting out, you’ll need to earn some of these to unlock some of the core sports and vehicles.

Riders Republic

How to Get Stars

There are several ways to get Stars depending on what your preferred gametype and sport are. The most common method is simply by participating in any race, as completing one will earn you a single Star. However, every race has secondary objectives will award bonus Stars if completed. These range from not using a specific skill like the wingsuits’ slow or performing a certain trick before the race ends. While they aren’t required, I highly recommend going for at least one or two additional Stars per race. This will make the grind much easier since you’ll be participating in a lot of races in Riders Republic.

You can also earn Stars by visiting Shackdaddy Bandit stall in the Rider’s Ridge camp and completing any weekly challenges there. You can find this vendor directly across from the food truck when you spawn in. These challenges require you to pay a small number of bucks, but typically the rewards are worth the fee. Keep in mind, not every challenge offers Stars, so make sure to pick the right one!

Another way to get Stars is by completing Stunts, which are marked on the map as red triangles with an exclamation point in the middle. Unlike races, these don’t have secondary quests so just focus on beating them within the required time limit. You can also earn Stars by participating inĀ  Free For Alls and Trick Battles, which are competitive multiplayer matches. That being said, the best way to earn a large quantity of Stars is by completing Mass Races.

These races randomly pop up as you play through Riders Republic and consist of three separate races. The catch is you will be up against a ton of real players and each track consists of multiple vehicles. Meaning you may be bike riding, skiing, and flying around in the same race. Mass Races consist of three separate races, each of which rewards a certain amount of Stars based on where you place. At the end of the race, you’ll earn a heft amount of bonus Stars depending on where you landed in the standings. The average is around 4 Stars, but you can earn more by placing in the top three and a little less if you are at the very bottom.

I always recommend participating in Mass Races whenever they appear. Not only are they fairly short, but you will get a lot of Stars for completing them. Truthfully, you don’t need to worry about Stars too much once you unlock your bike, jetpack, and snowboard. There are more races and vehicle types, but these are the three core modes of transportation in Riders Republic. Focus on unlocking these first and just enjoy your time racing through this world.


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