Resurrection (Normal): FF14 Eden’s Gate Raid Guide – Strategy & Tips

It’s time at last for the first raid of Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers. The action begins in “Resurrection.” This is the first part of Eden’s Gate, the new eight-player raid introduced in patch 5.01. And the boss is named Eden Prime, Keeper of Knowledge. This delightful creature pulls no punches when it comes to damage or forcing you to dance around area of effect attacks. So every player — including DPS, healers, and tanks — will need to be on their toes throughout the entire battle. With that out of the way, let’s begin our guide to the Eden’s Gate raid in FF14!

Oh, here’s one quick note before we continue the guide. DO NOT STEP PAST THE YELLOW LINE. You should see a thin, yellow boundary around the whole battlefield. Stepping past this barrier is instant death. I mention this because you’ll want to instinctively move into the danger zone at certain points throughout the Resurrection raid. Don’t do it!

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Spear of Paradise – Eden’s Gate: Resurrection FF14 Raid Guide

Eden Prime typically begins its onslaught with an untypically powerful tankbuster. This doesn’t work like most such attacks in the game — which usually just deal high damage to whatever player the boss is targeting. Spear of Paradise actually hits twice for damage that puts a lot of tankbusters to shame. Be ready to shield and heal through it as you normally would, but don’t forget about that second hit.

Eden’s Gravity – Eden’s Gate: Resurrection FF14 Raid Guide

This is a much more typical party-wide attack. Eden’s Gravity deals unavoidable damage to the entire team, so make sure you healers and tanks are ready to deal with the consequences. On the bright side, it doesn’t add any stacking vulnerability debuffs (like most Eden Prime attacks). So you don’t have anything else to worry about.

Vice and Virtue (Part One) – Eden’s Gate: Resurrection FF14 Raid Guide

This is a two-for-one special. Vice and Virtue will initially target four non-tank players with medium-sized damage markers. These players need to run away from the rest of the team — and each other — to avoid dousing their allies with damage. The damage markers will also drop black spots on the ground that must be avoided. So it’s typically best to put drop the damage makers somewhere near the walls of the arena. That way nobody runs into them!

Eden's Gate Resurrection FF14 Guide 1

Eden’s Flare – Eden’s Gate: Resurrection FF14 Raid Guide

Immediately after the first Vice and Virtue, Eden Prime will cast Eden’s Flare. This is a fairly standard AoE attack. The damage marker will cover the entire room except for a small circle directly under the boss. Stand inside the safe zone to avoid taking damage. Those players that dropped the Vice and Virtue markers away from the team should be especially prepared to run back into the boss.

Vice and Virtue (Part Two) – Eden’s Gate: Resurrection FF14 Raid Guide

Now it’s the tanks’ turn to eat Vice and Virtue. While this attack shares a name with the previous Vice and Virtue, it’s a completely different mechanic. Both tanks will now be marked with glowing, crystalline markers above their heads. This means the boss is about to fire two white beams of hot death at both players.

Position yourselves so that these attacks don’t fire at the rest of the group. This shouldn’t be a problem for the main tank, since they’re probably facing the boss away from their teammates anyway. It’s up to the off tank to be on their guard and move into the proper position. Remember that this is a beam attack, though. As long as you’re not standing between the boss and your squishy friends, you’re safe to continue standing next to Eden Prime and deal damage.

Pure Light – Eden’s Gate: Resurrection FF14 Raid Guide

A few seconds later, Eden Prime will teleport to a random corner of the arena. At that point the boss will begin casting Pure Light. This is a massive AoE attack that takes up the entire room, except for the corner immediately behind the boss. Use Sprint, gap-closing attacks like Plunge, or just run your buns off to get behind the baddie before it fires. That’s all there is to it!

Eden's Gate Resurrection FF14 Guide 2

Delta Attack – Eden’s Gate: Resurrection FF14 Raid Guide

Eden Prime will follow up Pure Light by teleporting once again — this time into the center of the room. There they will cast Delta Attack. This is a scatterbrained AoE attack that shoots lines of damage to every side of the room, creates a point blank AoE marker around the boss, and targets every single player with damage markers. Players must spread out to avoid stacking damage on each other, while also avoiding the large, but very obvious damage markers on the ground.

Dimensional Shift – Eden’s Gate: Resurrection FF14 Raid Guide

Next up is Dimensional Shift. This is another unavoidable AoE attack, similar to Eden’s Gravity. Though it also changes the floor to a different color and creates indestructible orbs of light throughout the room. After which Eden Prime will charge itself up with Pure Beam. That’s pretty much it for these moves, but bear in mind that they signify a lot of stuff about to be thrown your way.

Paradise Lost – Eden’s Gate: Resurrection FF14 Raid Guide

This is a hodgepodge of column AoE attacks and AoE circles. The orbs around the room will fire in criss-crossing, but well-telegraphed directions. Meanwhile Eden Prime will summon circular damage markers that make it even harder to find safe places to stand. The boss itself will also fire column attacks in whatever direction it’s facing, so the main tank should be mindful where they direct its attention.

A few seconds into this dazzling disco dance, Eden Prime will teleport to a corner… again. That’s right! While you’re dodging Paradise Lost attacks, you also need to make your way behind the boss. They’re about to cast Pure Light again — dealing significant damage and a debuff to anyone not standing behind Eden Prime at the end of the cast. Because there’s some much to deal with, I recommend not worrying about dealing damage throughout this phase. You’re only likely to get yourself hurt, debuffed, killed, or all three.

Now it’s time for another Dimensional Shift. Eden Prime will teleport back to the center of the room, deal massive group-wide damage, and change the floor back to its natural color. It’s very important that healers top off and resurrect players as quickly as possible at this point. That’s because the boss almost immediately follows up with…

Eden's Gate Resurrection FF14 Guide 4

Fragor Maximus – Eden’s Gate: Resurrection FF14 Raid Guide

This is yet another incredibly damaging, unavoidable AoE attack that hits the entire party. At this point the room will change again and you’ll have a few seconds to breathe. It’s only a few seconds, however, since the room will quickly fill with two overlapping proximity damage markers. These are circular AoE attacks that damage players more the closer they stand to the source of the radiating purple rings. In short: Run towards a corner.

Don’t run too far, though. Remember that yellow border from the beginning of this guide? This is where you might be tempted to run right past it. It’s instant death, though, so don’t bother. Just try to get as far away from the proximity markers as you can.

Guardians of Paradise – Eden’s Gate: Resurrection FF14 Raid Guide

After the proximity damage comes the add phase. Eden Prime will summon two identical cronies for each of your tanks to pick up. Make sure each player picks a different one and moves the two minions away from each other! If these Guardians of Paradise stand too close to one another, they will continuously fire group-wide AoE blasts. Just a few of these in a row is enough to kill the party outright. Don’t let that happen!

The tanks aren’t the only ones who need to worry. Your DPS players also have some responsibility for once! That is to say, this is another damage check — similar to the Titania Trial from the Shadowbringers story. If you don’t kill the adds fast enough, any surviving Guardian of Paradise will eventually start casting Unto Dust. If it finishes this not-actually-super-slow spell, the entire party will wipe. Bad times…

Eden's Gate Resurrection FF14 Guide 5

With both Guardians of Paradise defeated, Eden Prime will… shatter all the known laws of physics in order to weaponize the very cosmos itself against you in a display of nigh omnipotent might. It does a lot of damage, too. Be ready for that!

After your senses have been shattered, though, it’s back to business as usual. Eden Prime will repeat all of its previous abilities (sans the add phase and ultimate attack) until you beat the boss into the dirt. When you do, congratulations! You can earn exactly one piece of loot for your trouble. Once you do, regardless of whether you roll Need or Greed, you can’t roll for loot again until the next weekly reset. Thanks for taking the time to read our Eden’s Gate guide to Resurrection in FF14. And good luck dodging those attacks!


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