Resident Evil Village Save Guide – How to Save Your Game

The next horrifying installment of the Resident Evil series has finally arrived. Continuing the story of Ethan Winters following the events of Resident Evil 7Resident Evil Village sees our titular hero venture into a mysterious eastern European town to save his kidnapped baby. Throughout your journey, Ethan will encounter all sorts of horrific monsters, eccentric characters, puzzles, and familiar faces. Pulling inspiration from previous entries, Resident Evil Village mixes both horror and action. While there are some new elements, Capcom has preserved some classic mechanics such as how player save their game.

How to Save Your Game

When it comes to saving your game there are two different methods. The first is simply by using the game’s auto-save function, which will automatically trigger as you go through the story and hit specific moments. This is not a terribly reliable source and can sometimes cause you to lose a couple of hours of progress if you die. Because of that, you will often end up using the second method of saving, typewriters. These items can be found throughout the world in safe rooms and allow the player to manually save their game as many times as they want.

There are no ink ribbons, regardless of what difficulty you’re on, so feel free to save as much as you want. With that being said, typewriters are not plentiful and you will typically only find 1-2 per major location. This will change depending on where you are, but typically the typewriter is where the Duke has set up shop. Because of this, you may need to backtrack through an area to save your game. Additionally, safe rooms will provide refuge against any roaming enemies like Lady Dimitrescu. The only catch is you’ll often need to listen to their footsteps to determine when they’ve left the vicinity, otherwise, you may run out the door and right into them.

However, there is one exception to this in the Benevento Estate. To avoid spoilers, just know when the safe room is lit up bright red you will not be safe from any foe entering this room. While you can still use the typewriter, you’ll need to be wary that nothing follows you inside. This will only be a problem on Village of Shadows difficulty since you can easily die in this mode.

Saves will also carry over into New Game Plus. Meaning, once you’ve completed the story that auto-save file will be overwritten with a “Completed File.” Selecting this file allows you to play New Game Plus, which will bring over all your upgrades, weapons, money, challenges, and ingredients. It’s a great way to complete a lot of the tougher challenges such as killing a boss in a short time limit or killing 30 lycans at the start of the game. Since there are no save restrictions, you can create new playthroughs while keeping your New Game Plus file.


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