Resident Evil Village Dimitrescu’s Daughters Boss Guide – Locations & Tips

The next horrifying installment of the Resident Evil series has finally arrived. Continuing the story of Ethan Winters following the events of Resident Evil 7Resident Evil Village sees our titular hero venture into a mysterious eastern European town to save his kidnapped baby. Throughout your journey, Ethan will encounter all sorts of horrific monsters, eccentric characters, puzzles, and familiar faces. Pulling inspiration from previous entries, Resident Evil Village mixes both horror and action. Just like almost every installment, Ethan will need to battle against some fearsome bosses throughout his journey. One of the earliest will be the three daughters of Lady Dimitrescu.

How to Defeat Dimitrescu’s Daughters

Daughter 1 – Kitchen

The first daughter you can kill will happen after you escape the dungeon below the castle. Once you defeat all the ghouls and go up the stairs, one of the women will arrive and begin to chase Ethan. Head to the right and loop around through the cages until you reach the stairs. Go up into the kitchen and try to pry the board open to trigger a brief cutscene. When the daughter attacks, a window will break exposing her to the fresh air outside. This will make her vulnerable, allowing you to kill her while she’s in this state. Use your shotgun, handgun, or the pipe bomb from the dungeon to damage this boss. She’s fast and can dodge Ethan’s bullets, so make sure to time your shots.

If you are struggling, retreat into the kitchen and loop her around the table. You’ll know she’s defeated when the woman turns to stone. Strike her with your knife to make her crumble, leaving behind a Crystal Torso which can be sold to the Duke for Lei. Don’t forget to grab the Sanguis Virginis wine bottle in the bucket of blood before you leave!

Resident Evil Village Skylight Daughter

Daughter 2 – Library

Your boss fight with the second daughter will come once you reach the Castle Annex. Once you obtain the Iron Insignia Key via the piano puzzle, you will eventually be chased by Lady Dimitrescu through the building until you reach the Library on the second floor. Upon entry, both doors will lock and the second daughter will appear and attack. Don’t me like me and waste ammo trying to bust open the skylight, it’s bulletproof. Instead, kite the daughter around the furniture until you reach the brass lever (shown above) on one of the posts supporting the skylight in the center. Throwing this lever up will cause cold air to come rushing in, making the daughter temporarily susceptible to damage.

Instead of attacking, she will go on the defensive and use the bookshelves as cover. Close the gap and use your shotgun to deal high damage to this enemy. You only have about 20 seconds before the skylight closes again, forcing you to throw the lever once more. Thankfully, there’s no reset time for opening the skylight, so you can use it the moment the cold air stops flowing in. After damaging the daughter enough she will become petrified and turn into a Crystal Torso. Two down, one to go!

Resident Evil Village Armory Daughter

Daughter 3 – Armory

You can defeat the third daughter as soon as you make your way back to the Main Hall. Upon entering, stay not the second floor and make your way across the balcony. Lady Dimitrescu will meet with Cassandra and yell at her for not killing Ethan. Skulk around the railing to the opposite side and go through the door you opened with the eye. Cassandra will appear once again and begin to chase you. Dash past her and use the Dimitrescu Key to open the door to the Hall of Pleasure. Grabbing the head of the statue will cause the gate to close behind you, cutting Cassandra off.

Now make your way to the armory where she will appear again. Keep to the right and grab a pipe bomb off the back table. Now approach the shelf on the left and push it away to reveal a crack in the wall. Tossing the pipe bomb by the crack to blow it up, causing cold air to rush in and weaken the woman. You can now fight her off like the others until she turns to stone. You won’t have a ton of room to dodge her attacks in the Armory, so make use of Ethan’s blocking ability. Additionally, you can use the second pipe bomb to deal heavy damage to the woman if you’re low on ammo. Once defeated, the final daughter of Dimitrescu will crumble to dust before you.


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