Resident Evil Village Crafting Guide – How to Craft Items in RE8

The next horrifying installment of the Resident Evil series has finally arrived. Continuing the story of Ethan Winters following the events of Resident Evil 7Resident Evil Village sees our titular hero venture into a mysterious eastern European town to save his kidnapped baby. Throughout your journey, Ethan will encounter all sorts of horrific monsters, eccentric characters, puzzles, and familiar faces. Pulling inspiration from previous entries, Resident Evil Village mixes both horror and action. Similar to other entries, Ethan can craft medicine, ammo, and other useful supplies along his journey. This is a critical part of the game, as being able to craft more bullets can definitely mean the difference between life and death.

How to Craft

To craft items, you’ll need to progress through the prologue until Ethan reaches the village. Once this happens and you’re free to explore, bring up your briefcase by hitting Triangle (PlayStation)/Y (Xbox), and then tap RB (Xbox)/R1 (PlayStation) to cycle through the tabs. The second tab will be labeled “Crafting” at the top and show all of the crafting materials/recipes you have collected.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each section of the Resident Evil Village crafting menu:

Resident Evil Village Crafting

  • A – What item you’re crafting
  • B – Which crafting items will be consumed and the amount needed
  • C – All the crafting materials in your inventory
  • D – List of recipes you’ve unlocked

To craft, highlight one of the recipes in the bottom column and then press A (Xbox)/X (PlayStation) to create that item. That item will then be instantly added to your inventory for you to organize and use. Keep in mind, you need to actually have room in your inventory to craft an item. If you don’t, then you cannot craft that item, Additionally, your crafting menu will only check for the materials in Ethan’s inventory, not his stash. Because of this, I always recommend carrying some supplies with you instead of just hoarding them.

How to Unlock New Crafting Recipies

When you start Resident Evil Village you will only have access to two basic recipes. However, as you progress through the game you will unlock new recipes which can be purchased from the Duke. None of the recipes are actually discovered in the world, so don’t worry about missing any during your adventure. Most recipes only cost a couple of thousand Lei, so they are definitely worth acquiring.

Keep in mind, the actual pool of recourses will never change. You will always be using scrap, herbs, chem fluid, gunpowder, and metal scrap to make your items. The amount will of course vary depending on what you need.=Some recipes are tied to specific guns. I won’t mention which ones to avoid any spoilers, but know that if you finish the game with some slots missing know that you’ll have to purchase some weapons in the Bonus menu.


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