How to Solve the ‘Hiding Place’ Photo Puzzle in Resident Evil 2

While exploring the sewers in Resident Evil 2, you will discover that you really need a shower. You might also find a suspicious Roll Film entitled “Hiding Place.” Sounds intriguing, right? But how on earth are you supposed to develop a photograph in a sewer? Don’t sweat it! We’ve got you covered, as this guide will show you how to get back into the Police Station to access to Dark Room. We’ll also help you decipher the clues in the photo. We’re just cool like that.

The Roll Film in question is found in the Workroom, which you access by taking the Workroom Lift up from the Lower Waterway in the sewers. You’ll need both the Sewer Keys and T-Bar Valve Handle to get back to the Police Station. You’ll find both these items through story progression during the Chess Plug puzzle.

Resident Evil Hidden Place Puzzle

Once you make it into the Workroom (and grab the Roll Film) it’s time to find the secret route back to the Police Station. Unlock the exit to the Workroom and move out along the catwalk. Use the Sewer Keys to unlock the Worker’s Break Room. In here you’ll see a locker up against the far wall. Interact with the locker to slide it aside and reveal a secret elevator!

Resident Evil Hidden Place Puzzle

Take the elevator up and then move through the gate at the top. You’re now in the Underground Stairs. Climb the staircase to the top and take another elevator ride back up into the Secret Room below the Main Hall of the Police Station. In here, use the T-Bar Valve Handle to re-open the doorway to the Main Hall.

Resident Evil Hidden Place Puzzle

Congratulations! You’ve managed to sneak your way back into the zombie-infested halls of the Police Station. From here, it’s a simple task of making your way to the Dark Room on the western side of the Station. Inside the Dark Room you can develop the Roll Film. It will give you the two photographic clues shown at the very top of this guide.

Resident Evil Hidden Place Puzzle

The clues are obscure, but the first one points to the isolated desk in the S.T.A.R.S. Office. The desk holds a Wooden Box — examine it to reveal either a Red Dot Sight for Leon’s Magnum or a High Capacity Magazine for Claire’s MQ 11 SMG. You get these guns from the armory puzzle earlier in the game. If you haven’t already, check out our guide to get either weapon.

Resident Evil Hidden Place Puzzle

The second picture refers to the table in the Press Room. Here you will find either some Flamethrower Fuel for Leon or Spark Shot Needle Cartridges for Claire. One final note: These items won’t be there unless you actually developed the picture. Sorry, but no shortcuts today.

Resident Evil Hidden Place Puzzle

And there you have it; the mystery has been solved and you gained some valuable firepower for all your detective work. Capcom even threw in an Achievement or Trophy for you, too. What more could you want? I mean apart from a helicopter ride out of Raccoon City, obviously. Stick with us for the rest of our Resident Evil 2 guides, as we’re approaching the end of the line on the first run,


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