Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Zurpstones Guide – How to Get All Zurpstones

Can't get those pesky Zurpstones? Here's why.

Early on in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, you’re basically locked into main quests and exploration. After you leave Sargasso for the seedier shores of Scatsu and finish with your business there, however, you’ll get an optional quest to return back to Rivet’s home planet. The Morts need help with their pet Trudi. She’s partied too hard and is too tired to get her own Zurpstones. There are a few dozen to gather and given how hard it is to get around the planet that seems like no easy task.

To start, Mort will ask you to get just a few Zurpstones. Do so and don’t get any more than they need. There should be enough in the immediate area. If you see any on top of buildings, ignore them for now. You can’t get them just yet. As tempting as it may be to just get everything you can before coming back, you should return as soon as possible. Once you have a handful of them, Trudi will regain enough energy so you can fly on her. This lets you much more easily traverse the islands and completely avoid the acid. No more struggling to get around on Speetles, crashing into walls, and suffering instant death.

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With Trudi you can easily collect most of the Zurpstones in Sargasso. You may still be a bit confused by the ones that are growing on top of buildings and that’s not your fault. Even with Trudi, flying into them or near them doesn’t seem to do anything. Unfortunately this is another situation where the game just expects you to keep going without explaining that you need to wait until you unlock a new ability.

Once you’ve gathered most of the available Zurpstones outside of those hard to reach ones, Mort will call you and explain that Trudi now has even more energy and is capable of shooting fireballs. This is what you need to finally get every single Zurpstone on Sargasso. Mark them through your map, fly close to the stalks, and shoot at them on approach. They’ll automatically fly over to you and Trudi, letting you easily complete this quest and collecting the planet’s Spybot collectible.

Hopefully we saved you from spending half an hour trying to do something you can’t. There are a few situations like this early on in Rift Apart, but thankfully the game gets much, much better at explaining things after this. If you’re looking for more assistance, make sure to check out our tips guide where we highlight all of the things the game doesn’t tell you. We also have a Gold Bolts location guide you can follow as you trek through the universe. Getting all 25 isn’t a super easy task and does take some time, so why not gather them as you go?


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