Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Tips Guide – 8 Things The Game Doesn’t Tell You

Ratchet & Rivet & Clank

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart does a pretty good job of explaining most of its main mechanics. Early on in the game, however, the game takes its time in what is likely an attempt to not overwhelm people. Because of this, however, there are a number of things that new players may find confusing. To help, we’ve put together some tips for Rift Apart with a focus on things the game doesn’t tell you.

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Use Rifts During Combat

One of the main mechanics of this Ratchet & Clank title are the many different rifts in the time-space continuum. Some are full-fledged rifts to a completely different location. Others are far more simple and allow you to grapple onto them to traverse the map.

The game presents these Rift Tethers to you as a way to reach otherwise inaccessible locations. And while that’s true, they can also be super important when it comes to combat! Sometimes you’ll find yourself drastically outnumbered and being able to rapidly get to the other side of the arena is useful. Other times a boss will be charging at your position and you need a quick escape. Use rifts here too! They’re useful for more than just getting to hidden areas.

Don’t Explore Until You Have Phantom Dash

Early on in the game you’ll come across a factory with moving boxes and conveyor belts. There’s Raritanium and a Gold Bolt in here that you may spend some time trying to get. While the crystals can be obtained before you get Phantom Dash, you’re better off just coming back after you’ve gotten it. The glove will trivialize the otherwise nearly impossible tasks of getting both of these items.

Check Your Map Frequently

With how detailed the worlds in Rift Apart are, particularly in areas with lots of verticality, it can be hard to find all of the collectibles that actually matter to you. The good news? If your character has seen it, the game marks the item on your map. That means you can easily pause and see all of the Raritanium, Gold Bolt, and other collectible locations. Mark them and make sure you don’t miss out on those upgrades!

Mark Things on Your Map

Having trouble figuring out where that golden bolt is? Open your map, hover over it, and select it with X! This will mark the location and tell you exactly how far away it is. Even better, it’ll give you some inclination as to where it is vertically. The first golden bolt in the game is easy to miss and this feature saved me from having to go all the way back!

Throw Your Wrench!

With all of the weapons are your disposal, you might not even know you can throw your wrench. Just aim and hit the melee button and you’ll disperse foes with your melee weapon from a distance.

Weapons Get More Powerful At Rank 5

It’s super easy to get into the habit of only using the four weapons available on your D-pad. You should keep using every weapon until they reach rank five, however. Every time you level up a weapon, more nodes in its upgrade tree will unlock including the super powerful gold tiles that only activate once you unlock all the surrounding tiles. In addition, each weapon gains a new ability once it has reached rank five. For example, the Burst Pistol will instead shoot a row of three shots with a full trigger pull and the Large Negatron Collider will gain an explosion at the end of its death ray.

Skip Puzzles If You Need To

This one you might not even know about. If you’re in a puzzle section of the game like Clank’s portal side quests, you can actually pause the game and skip the puzzle outright. You’ll still get credit for completing it!

New Areas Unlock As You Go

That is to say, you’ll be coming back to previous planets. If you can’t quite figure out how to get to a specific place or why something is where it is when it doesn’t seem relevant, this is why! As you get further in the story, you’ll unlock side quests which will ask you to go back to places you’ve been before.


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