Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Gold Bolt Guide – All 25 Locations

You don't know the power of golden bolts!

If you want to experience Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart to the fullest you should be keeping your eye out for collectibles along the way. Not only is it fun and fulfilling to explore, but every piece of Raritanium you collect is another node you can unlock in your weapon upgrade trees. There are some collectibles, however, that are much harder to find. In this guide, we’ll be telling you how to find all 25 Gold Bolts across the game’s many planets.

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Corson V Gold Bolts

There are three Gold Bolts on Corson V. We recommend not worrying about these until you’ve unlocked the Phantom Dash ability and have the gauntlet from Phantom. This will let you more easily traverse the map and get around some otherwise very pesky obstacles.

Factory Gold Bolt

This is the hardest Gold Bolt to reach in the level. Especially so because you’ll encounter this one before you have the tools to reach it. Don’t spend 15 minutes trying to get up there. Save yourself the effort and come back alter when you have Phantom Dash.

Once you do, use the box conveyor belts to get to the back of the room and wall jump your way up to the higher area. Head towards the conveyor belts on your level and towards the Gold Bolt on the opposite side of the room. There’s a small platform on the opposite side of the first belt which you can stand on while learning the pattern of the boxes. When the timing is right, jump up and onto the second belt which is rolling towards you. You should have just enough time to get within range of a Phantom Dash which should get you to the Gold Bolt.

Plaza Roof Golden Bolt

For this bolt you need to head backwards, taking the floating platform over my Mrs. Zurkon. Once you reach the top of the stairs you’ll see a break in the railing. Jump onto the pipes which you can see above and use the wall run to get across to the area where the Gold Bolt is.

Back Alley Gold Bolt

The easiest of the three once you know how to get there. Go down the path and through the night club. Once you exit around the back of the building, use a tether to swing across the gap, use the jump pad to launch yourself up, and head on down into the courtyard below. There may be two guards here. Dispatch them and then turn around and head through the tunnel. Out back is a parked truck with a Rift Tether on it which you don’t really need to use. Stand where it is, look to your right, and use that Rift Tether to get to the bolt.

Sargasso Gold Bolts

Yet another planet that comes with a forewarning. You’re better off waiting to explore Sargasso for collectibles until after you’ve left the planet for Scarstu. Once you’ve completed the main quest task there, you’ll unlock a side quest here on Sargasso that gives you a much quicker and easier way to travel around the islands. Plus, you can’t get the final Gold Bolt until you have it.

Rock Outcrop Gold Bolt

Assuming you’ve completed the level, go to the landing pad and circle around the back of the factory. There’s a rock behind it which you can Rift Tether to. Super easy Gold Bolt to get.

Crane Platform Gold Bolt

Once the bridge fails to open it forms a ramp for your Speetle. Use the ramp to get to that island, jump off the Speetle, and walk over to the nearby platform. The Gold Bolt is behind it guarded by some pesky flying foes.

Floating Gold Bolt

The last one you need is unavailable until after you’ve left the planet and come back having been victorious in the Battle Arena. Doing so will unlock a side quest where Mort asks you to gather Zurpstones for their pet Trudi. The bolt is located in the center of the map around some towers in a ring you can fly through.

Scarstu Gold Bolts

Scarstu is a different planet than the rest with most of its Gold Bolts locked behind the Battle Arena rather than being hidden on the map.

Center Gold Bolt

The first Gold Bolt is easily missed because it’s underneath the central platform. You’ll need to jump off the side of one of the bridges and use your glide ability to snag it before falling to your death.

Awesome Bugtrax Done Quick

Once you unlock the battle arena and complete the first challenge to earn the part we need for Clank, you gain access to the rest of the bronze level challenges. One of these called Awesome Bugtrax Done Quick rewards you with one of the level’s Gold Bolts. It’s pretty straightforward and takes less than a minute per run so don’t be afraid to fail. The key here is to know when to let off the boost so you can adjust trajectory and not overshoot the next jump you need.

Pest Control Bolt

In the Silver challenges you’ll find one called Pest Control. All you need to do is kill 50 pests before you die to the poison gas. While it does eat away at your health over time, health pickups will spawn periodically. Make sure to pick them up when you can so they come back as much as possible.

Apologies for the contrast. Our video player doesn’t like the file format. Captured in Fidelity Mode.

Savali Gold Bolts

If you took our recommendation and waited until you could fly before doing the Sargasso Gold Bolts, Savali is likely the hardest planet to hunt for collectibles. There’s just so much space to cover both vertically and horizontally. Thankfully, we can tell you exactly where to go.

There are no story spoilers after this point, but if you want to go into each planet with no idea what to expect on the surface, consider yourself forewarned.

Rapid Button Press Gold Bolt

With your new rocket boots, you’ll need to use a trio of boost pads to hit three buttons fast enough to activate a portal to the bolt. You can see the location in the above video.

Floating Gold Bolt

You may have already stumbled upon the floating platforms that run away from you as you get close. There are a few of them on the map and one of them contains a Gold Bolt. It spawns underneath a rocky outcropping at the location above. Make sure to use your full speed rocket boots to keep up. When you finally get close enough, use the tether to haul yourself up.

Catacombs Gold Bolt

If you, like me, found two of the three Golden Bolts pretty quickly but couldn’t find the third one to save your life, you aren’t to blame. The final Gold Bolt on Savali isn’t available until you’ve almost completed the game and have to come back and head into the catacombs. Once you’re down there, turn around and there will be a final virus hacking before opening the door to the last bolt you need.

Blizar Prime Gold Bolts

This is one easy map to get lost in. Thankfully the first is super easy to find and the others are in pocket dimensions which are only accessible through a specific crystal.

Starting Gold Bolt

The first Gold Bolt on Blizar Prime is right by the start. Instead of heading straight towards finding the phase quartz, turn left and hop across the lava to find a bolt.

Dimension Gold Bolt

When on central area of the fixed version of Blizar Prime, hit the crystal above. It’ll take you to an area where you need to use magnet boots for the second Gold Bolt.

Chef Cave Gold Bolt

After helping the chef, head back down into the cave and go to the crystal to your right. Inside is a dimension exclusively for this final Gold Bolt.

Torren IV Gold Bolts

If you’re quick on your feet, and button presses, these two bolts shouldn’t pose a challenge.

Walkway Gold Bolt

This first one isn’t hard to miss. In fact, you can see the Raritanium right next to it from near the starting area. Head straight from the spawn location and don’t cross the bridge when prompted. Instead, turn around and use your rocket boots to cross a gap which leads to a walkway with a Gold Bolt on it.

Grinding Gold Bolt

The only other Gold Bolt on Torren IV is easy to miss. When you’re grinding the rail to cross the chasm, you’ll see a nearby Rift Tether which Rivet will comment on. Use this tether to swap to another track that has a bolt on it. The rail will circle back around come out to the same place had you not used the tether.

Cordelion Gold Bolts

Just don’t miss the first bolt and the other two are easy to grab.

Island Platform Gold Bolt

The first Gold Bolt is right at the start of the level. Don’t take the elevator when prompted. Instead take the crystal to the opposite dimension where everything is cold and frozen. Unlike the other dimension, this island platform doesn’t have a barrier protecting it and instead just has a solitary crystal. Use your rocket boots to jump across and whack the crystal to get yourself back to the real world and the bolt which is locked inside.

Locked Room Gold Bolt

Once you’ve descended down the elevator, you’ll begin to traverse the underwater complex. Not far inside there’s a path off to your left where a door is broken but slightly ajar. Use your Rift Tether to get inside, claim the bolt, and blast your way back out.

Underwater Gold Bolt

The last bolt is during the underwater section of the level. At one point the path will split into two directions. Take the right path and look out for the walkway above. Climb on up with your magnet boots and the Gold Bolt is just inside.

Ardolis Gold Bolts

Ardolis is a bit of a weird planet, but thankfully both bolts can be gotten really quickly if you know where to go.

Speetle Gold Bolt

You’re supposed to get this next Gold Bolt while riding a Speetle. Right after you get the Mapomatic though, just look down and you’ll see the bolt. If you get a good running start with your rocket boots you can coast right down and collect it. Then die and respawn, of course. If that’s not your style, just wait until later when you get the speetle and drive on over to where you first saw it.

Feeder Gold Bolt

This one is hard to miss. When you enter the lair as part of the Pirate Trials, take the time to fix the feeder behind you and get a bolt in return.

Viceron Gold Bolts

By this point you should have all of the gold bolts marked on your map. But just in case you don’t, here’s where to find them.

The first bolt is on the south side of the map through a few barriers. For the first time since Corson V, it’s time to Phantom Dash to get to new areas. The second can be found on your way to save Ratchet and Clank. Just keep an eye out for a floating platform on your map. It’s hard to miss.

Our final gold bolt in the game is inside the prison, locked in a cell with the Morts. You’ll need to continue on and lift the prison’s lockdown first. Once you’ve done that, the mission will have you double back, just make sure to stop and grab the bolt!


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