Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Battle Arena Guide – Unlocking Silver and Gold

Please clap for Rivet.

One of the locations you visit in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is unlike the others in that it’s not a whole planet to explore. The Scarstu Debris Field is essentially a pirate trading outpost and bar. It also happens to have a battle arena which you discover during your adventures with Rivet and Clank. You’ll have a fight in there once during the main quest before you’re free to move on. You can, however, choose to spend some time and complete all of the bronze challenges while you’re there.

That’s not all the location has to offer, however; there are also silver and gold challenges. If you’re anything like me you may keep on returning throughout your adventures on the off chance that the next level has unlocked. How do you unlock these? In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly when they become available so you don’t have to waste time like we did.

There are some light spoilers to follow.

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How to Unlock Silver Challenges

The next group of challenges are unlocked after Rivet and Ratchet finally meet up and swap partners. Most provide a paltry sum of currency to spend, but the last two reward a Gold Bolt and a piece of armor for your collection.

  • The Mangling: Survive five waves against The Mangler.
  • Ka-Boomstick Blast: Defeat four waves of enemies using the Warmonger.
  • Pest Control: Defeat 50 pests before the poison gas kills you.
  • Freezer Pop: Defeat 25 frozen Amoeboids.
  • Revenge of the Seekerpede: Defeat Scolo the Seekerpede.

How to Unlock Gold Challenges

The final group of challenges is not unlocked until after you’ve finished everything except for the final boss fight. You’ll know when because Captain Qwark will tell you to come talk to him when you’re ready. Once that happens the gold challenges are made available.

  • Manglers Are Forever: Survive the resurrected Mangler.
  • LOL, That’s Random: Fight with randomized weapons.
  • A Good Time to Zoom: Defeat three waves using the Headhunter.
  • Vroom Around: Defeat Vroom Goons in low gravity.
  • ???

Assuming you’ve kept up with all of the collectibles in the game, the gold challenges are actually the last thing you’ll do in the game. Getting the last Spybot will unlock a special weapon from Ms. Zurkon which you’ll absolutely want for the last fight in the game. If you’ve gotten all of the Gold Bolts thus far, it will be a pushover anyway should you use those for assistance. For those who would rather keep things legitimate, the weapon should be a hefty boost to your firepower.

If you’re looking for more assistance, make sure to check out our tips guide where we highlight all of the things the game doesn’t tell you. We also have a Gold Bolts location guide you can follow as you trek through the universe. Getting all 25 isn’t a super easy task and does take some time, so why not gather them as you go?


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