Rajang MHW Weapons Guide: Rarity 12 Stats & Tempered Glimmerpelt

Take a look at the Rajang arsenal and learn how to craft these high rarity weapons!

Naturally, Rajang weapons in MHW need to live up to the creature’s reputation. The beast has finally bounded into Monster Hunter World with a crack and a boom. The electric ape is the first DLC monster for MHW, and hits hard to prove his new dominance, meaning the arsenal you craft out of him should do the same. And it turns out that this is mostly the case! Although there are some caveats. Check out the full set of Rajang weapons in MHW below — along with our thoughts and a guide to craft them.

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Hardcore players will be happy to know that all Rajang weapons in Iceborne have their own unique look. They are not modified versions of existing bone and metal weapons! Nor do they require you to build up Low Rank and High Rank trees. You can start crafting Rajang weapons as soon as you beat the gorilla silly in the Guiding Lands. That should alleviate two of the biggest pains in this expansion: half-baked weapon designs and having to reply old content to access the new gear.

As for stats, though, the Rajang weapons are a bit of a mixed bag. Each comes with only blue natural sharpness — and the ability to go white with Handicraft. There is no purple sharpness, as reintroduced with Iceborne, to play with at all. That seems slightly at odds with the Rajang armor sets, which both grant Mind’s Eye/Ballistics and Protective Polish. Although the Alpha Rajang armor set does provide level five in Handicraft, letting you make the most of that high and hidden white sharpness. Still, if you’re getting the Protective Polish buff — which prevents you from losing sharpness for a short period of time — you probably want something with a sliver of purple.

But like many high-end items with low sharpness, Rajang weapons make up the difference with raw damage. And unlike a lot of raw-focused equipment, they also get some natural elemental damage: Thunder, to be specific. It’s not a ton of elemental damage, but it isn’t hidden, either. So you don’t have to equip Free Element to get it. And while the Rajang weapons feature negative Affinity (i.e. critical hit chance), it’s about half that of their Savage Deviljho counterparts. Plus they come with greater raw damage and much better slots. All the Rajang weapons in MHW come with one level four decoration slot each!

MHW Rajang Weapons All

Rajang Weapon Breakdown – MHW Iceborne

All this adds up to making them versatile alternatives to weapons you were already using. Take the Rajang Charge Blade, for instance. It features lower Thunder damage than the Zinogre version and less Affinity. However, it comes with 180 more raw damage, a level four jewel slot, and Impact Phials (for stunning). The Zinogre CB will beat Rajang’s in pure elemental builds. But the latter does more consistent damage to a wider array of monsters in MHW. You don’t have to fight against negative Affinity as much with the Deviljho weapons, either, and you get more raw damage to boot.

The only thing holding Rajang weapons back is that low sharpness. Mind’s Eye, Protective Polish, and Handicraft from the Rajang armor sets offsets the issue. But that’s still a lot of resources to devote toward reducing upkeep. Whether it’s worth it or not to you will depend on the rest of your build!

How to Craft Rajang Weapons – MHW Iceborne

Rajang weapons aren’t particularly complex to craft. As we mentioned above, you don’t need to build out of Low and High Rank tech trees. You just need to find the Special Assignment to battle Rajang, in Seliana, and get to work! You might even be able to craft your first Rajang weapon after a single hunt.

The rub is getting the Rarity 12 versions. This requires a lot more work, grinding, and trips to the Guiding Lands. That’s because Rarity 12 Rajang weapons require a rare Tempered Glimmerpelt monster material. The Tempered Glimmerpelt is only available from Tempered Rajang, and Tempered Rajang only appears at first in the Guiding Lands. You have to raise the new Volcanic Region of the map to level seven. That’s no mean feat! Because raising any part of the Guiding Lands that high requires you to first hit Master Rank 100 in MHW.

You’re going to have to grind; there’s no other way around it. Event Quests can help alleviate the pain, and hunting in the Guiding Lands makes Master Rank farming smoother, but it’s still a pain. On the bright side, reaching Master Rank 100 will also open up a whole host of other goodies you want to get anyway.

All Rajang Weapons in MHW

Here’s a quick look at the statistics for all the Rarity 12 Rajang weapons in MHW. Remember that you need to farm Tempered Glimmerpelts to get all of these! Otherwise they’re pretty simple to get your hands on.

Credit to Arekkz Gaming on YouTube. All of these shots were pulled from their video overview of the weapons.

Rajang Bowgun Ammo and Hunting Horn Songs

For those who would like a more detailed rundown of the most technical weapons, here you go! These images include the Hunting Horn songs, Heavy Bowgun ammo, and Light Bowgun ammo stats. Take a look!

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