Rainbow Six Siege Operators Tier List – Best Attackers as of April 2020

Building the perfect attacking team in Rainbow Six Siege is all about covering the basics. The best compositions need breaching, support, and intel-gathering operators that can remodel the map to their advantage. This tier list covers the viability of all 27 attackers in the context of a serious Ranked match with a team using a minimum level of communication and coordination. We’re also assuming a Gold to Platinum level of skill in the game (high enough that you’re seeking out detailed tier rankings). This isn’t for pros, but it’s also not for new players. You should have a good level of familiarity with every operator before reading.

This list was last updated on April 23, 2020.

Rainbow Six Siege Zofia

Rainbow Six Siege Attacker Tier List

S – Tier Attackers

The highest tier of Siege attackers bring weapons and gadgets that take command of the battlefield. At high level play, they work well on every map and bomb site. These four have everything going for them—probably too much.


Zofia has pretty much everything you need in a single attacker. She can breach quickly, daze enemies, cover her flank with a claymore, and overpower defenders with her M762 assault rifle. Her Lifeline grenade launcher is so versatile that she easily earns a spot on any team composition.


Buck is the soft breaching master of Siege. At higher levels, Buck’s ability to efficiently breach large chunks of a bomb site’s ceilings and floors is the best way to apply pressure to the defense. The loss of his frag grenades makes him less versatile as an aggressive site pusher, but the benefits of his masterkey shotgun still make him a natural pick.


For bomb sites that call for breaching reinforced walls (that’s most of them), Thatcher is essentially an instant lock. His EMP grenade is the only gadget that destroys all forms of defensive countermeasures with zero risk to himself. His only counter is a perfectly-timed Bandit Trick.


Maverick’s blowtorch is so adaptable that he can be both Thatcher and Thermite. He can cut holes in walls to find Bandit’s batteries or, on some walls, quickly cut horizontal lines that destroy the entire metal reinforcements and free it up to be soft breached. The upshot is that he has to put himself and teammates in harm’s way to pull off these difficult maneuvers. In practiced hands, Maverick can single-handedly rattle a defense setup.

Rainbow Six Siege Jackal

A – Tier Attackers

Attackers with important breaching or support gadgets that aren’t as universal as those above.


Ash’s grenade launcher doesn’t have the dual utility of Zofia, but her speed and forceful R4-C assault rifle make her one of the best operators in a straight-up fight. The R4-C does lack an ACOG sight, so you have to play into her close-to-mid range strengths to get the most out of her.


On bomb sites with big walls that need breaching, Thermite is your guy. His Brimstone charges punch gigantic holes that are ideal for moving in and securing a bomb site. The charges also detonate faster than Hibana’s, making it a bit harder for Bandit to trick them off the wall. Still, he can’t spread his breaching as far as Hibana’s pellets and his slower gun isn’t as good in close-quarters combat. As long as he has a loyal Thatcher to assist with walls, Thermite is the key to a perfect site take on most maps.


The size of Hibana’s hard breaching isn’t as convenient for walls as Thermite, but she’s perfect for quickly popping hatches. Her 3-speed stat and Type-89 assault rifle are a mighty combo as well. She’s basically Ash with a smaller magazine. If you’re only bringing one dedicated hard breacher, she’s the safer choice.


Nomad’s weapons are reasonably competitive, but her Airjab mines are the reason she’s brought along. Airjabs have no reliable counter and are almost always a death sentence when triggered by defenders. A bomb site protected by them is near impossible to retake.


Jackal is a top-tier support operator. The low recoil and high fire rate of his C7E assault rifle makes it one of the most accessible weapons in Siege. His Eyenox visor is the most efficient way to instantly know if a defender is lurking nearby. Well-timed footprint scans can throw off a roamer’s plans and sometimes get them killed. With the addition of smoke grenades, he’s a well-rounded pick on teams that already have the basics covered.


Capitão is a one-man utility machine. As long as he stays alive, a single Capitão player can smoke off areas for a defuser plant, deny two flanks with fire bolts, and still cover a runout with  a claymore. His value speaks for itself, but he’s balanced by middling weapons that rely on headshots to win fights.


Sledge is consistently outshined by Buck’s superior breach efficiency, but he has his own strengths. Not only can his hammer destroy Evil Eyes, Castle barricades, and other gadgets that Buck can’t, but he’s now the only one between them with frag grenades. His L85A2 assault rifle is easier to keep accurate at long range, but it loses out in DPS.


IQ can be extremely strong, but only with stellar communication. IQ herself can hunt down gadgets that she can reach, like Valkyrie cameras or Yokai drones, but the best players use her electronics scanner to call out dangers to allies. Her slow-firing assault rifles can get her into trouble, so her value really comes down to how many gadgets she can help destroy.

Rainbow Six Siege Iana

B – Tier Attackers

Operators with selfish gadgets or support roles that shine in limited scenarios.


Iana ticks every box of a great fragging operator: her pick between two forceful assault rifles, a balanced 2-speed/2-armor rating, and the choice of frag grenades or smokes. What’s underwhelming is her Gemini hologram. Using the hologram is too loud and obvious to fool defenders, so it’s mostly a free drone with a long cooldown. She’s a hard sell against gadgets that can make a bigger difference.


A great Nøkk player can use her camera cloaking and silent step to dismantle defenses from within, but it’s a very risky bet. If she steps on a Gu mine or gets caught in a long-range fight, her FMG-9 doesn’t do her any favors. She works best as a surprise pick against teams that won’t anticipate her covert approach.


Gridlock brings a lot of utility to her team, but her Trax Stinger mats simply aren’t as effective as Nomad’s Airjab mines. Stealthy defenders can shoot past the Trax mats, destroy them all with an impact grenade, or sometimes navigate around them. Nomad stops roamers dead in their tracks while Gridlock simply slows them down. Her 3-armor rating and M249 LMG do make her the better choice in a post-plant scenario protecting the defuser against multiple enemies.


Against a skilled team employing Valkyrie cams, Evil Eyes, and Yokai drones, Dokkaebi’s camera hack can instantly hand the attackers a robust new camera network. It’s an indispensable advantage when the stars align. She also has the Logic Bomb ability, a low-impact annoyance for attackers that can expose nearby roamers. Unfortunately, Dokkaebi’s MK 14 DMR is a burden if she can’t land a quick headshot.


Similar to Capitão, Ying is a treasure trove of utility. Well-placed Candela grenades will completely blind their target and set up an easy kill, but it’s easy to accidentally flash teammates when a site push isn’t coordinated. She’s the perfect pick on a site with close-range angles, but only if you’re comfortable with her slow-firing T-95 LMG.


Blackbeard’s rifle shields can help him win a few fights, but he adds no utility to the team otherwise. At higher levels, he’s mainly played rappelling on windows of certain bomb sites. His loss of speed and ADS time when the shield is attached generally isn’t worth the trouble.


Twitch’s Shock Drones have a ton of potential to disrupt a defense. She can zap away ADS devices, traps, Evil Eyes, and anything else with a battery. She’s also the best target counter for Mira’s one-way windows. This is all assuming that she can successfully sneak her drone into the bomb site, but more often it’s destroyed before it does much damage. Thatcher’s the better way to clear defenses, but Twitch is backed up by one of the best weapons in Siege: the F2 assault rifle.


Glaz is a strong pick to hold angles if he has a long sightline. He struggles at close quarters thanks to the high recoil of his OTS-03 DMR, but his ability to see through smoke when standing still forces defenders to steer clear of smoke clouds and can. On select maps, he’s the perfect accomplice to help plant the defuser. Otherwise, he’s a gamble.


Finka’s instant surges of 30 health and fast ADS speed are undeniably helpful, but it’s not crucial enough to take over powerful intel gadgets and breaching. A recent buff to her Spear assault rifle makes her more competitive than ever.

Rainbow Six Siege Kali

C – Tier Attackers

Operators whose weapons or gadgets are not consistently useful enough to recommend.


Taking Kali is always an unnecessary risk. She has potential to quickly win fights with her one-hit-down CSRX sniper rifle, but ACOG-equipped defenders like Doc and Rook are too good at challenging the long sightlines that she’s supposed to dominate. Players confident with her rifle can excel, but they’d probably do an even better job as someone with an assault rifle. The slow cycling speed of her rifle makes it easy for multiple defenders to push and gang up on her.


Lion doesn’t have anything going for him that other operators can’t do better. His brief map scans can help in a post-plant hold, but they’re more of an annoyance to defenders than an actual roadblock. Jackal or Dokkaebi are better support picks.


Monty is a target pick for close-quarters bomb sites that greatly benefit from a walking wall that can cover a defuser plant. In a match that’s already favored toward the attackers, a Monty blocking off a door or calling out defender positions is a strong advantage. In every other case, he’s a liability.


Fuze’s Cluster Charges are great for clearing out gadgets on bottom floor objectives, but they’re way too unpredictable. A recent change to explosions in Siege has Fuze accidentally blowing himself and teammates up at no fault to him. When gadget clearing is the goal, there are always better options.

Rainbow Six Siege Amaru

D – Tier Attackers

Operators with gadgets that burden the user and often get them killed. You probably won’t be happy with how a round goes playing these picks.


Amaru is technically the most mobile operator in Siege, but that assumes that her grapple hook doesn’t get her immediately killed. It’s too loud to be stealthy and too slow to be good in a rush. Along with an awkward set of weapons for an attacker and no support utility, she’s not a team player.


If he can get close enough to flash someone, Blitz can nab a free kill or two. At high levels, players avoid him like the plague. His close-range style frequently highlights Siege’s long-running issues shield melee and perspective. Fights with and against Blitz are sloppy, and there’s no room for that on a serious team.