Raging Brachydios Weakness Guide – MHW Tips & Guide

Don't get mad; get a big weapon and hit this guy with it.

The best Raging Brachydios weakness is key to taking down this new beast in MHW. Whereas the standard Brachy is a mid-tier monster, fought early in the Iceborne storyline and mostly forgotten, its raging “variant” is a much tougher customer. Its slime explodes quicker, over a much wider radius, and comes out more frequently. Before you even worry about Raging Brachydios weaknesses, you might need to worry about yourself!

The rewards can be worth it, though. Depending on who you ask, Brachydios gear is some of the coolest equipment in the Monster Hunter series. The Raging Brachydios version even allows you to take it into the endgame! Now you can finally futz around with that Agitator Secret set bonus, without worrying that it won’t be “meta” enough.

Note: This guide is currently based on information from past Monster Hunter games and speculation. We’ll update it with confirmed details once Iceborne Title Update 3 is live on consoles. Until then, take the information with a grain of salt! Said update will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime in March 2020, with PC compatibility following in April.

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Raging Brachydios was already weak to Ice damage in previous Monster Hunter games, unlike its standard counterpart. Since the regular old Brachydios is also extremely weak to Ice in MHW, we don’t see that changing. Thankfully there is a wide variety of great Ice weapons to choose from with the release of Iceborne. Velkhana weapons are a well-rounded option — with decent raw and elemental stats — perfectly suited to this purpose. Water damage should also work, but is only two-star effectiveness against regular Brachydios. We also don’t expect that to change.

As always, we’ll update this guide with fresh information if anything changes, or if past details don’t hold up!

Raging Brachydios Tips – MHW Guide

Regarding other Raging Brachydios tips, it’s worth noting that this variant monster is much bigger than its predecessor. It’s close to twice the physical size, in fact. That makes it more difficult to hit its head with blunt, short-range weapons like the Hammer and Hunting Horn. The Clutch Claw can help you counteract this, but remember: Raging Brachydios slime is very fast to detonate and potent. Locking yourself into long animations can be troublesome.

The Insect Glaive can be extremely helpful here — particularly in group play. It doesn’t just allow you to stay above Raging Brachydios slime. It also increases your chances of mounting the monster. This brings it down to ground level, allowing you and your teammates to get a clear shot at various body parts on the massive monster.

It’s not all bad, though. Another, subtler Raging Brachydios weakness traditionally comes from its size as well. It’s much slower than its counterpart! This is somewhat mitigated by its wider range of slime-based attacks, but you won’t have to worry about getting charged into the dirt by physical strikes as much as before. That means slower weapons like the Great Sword, or the Charge Blade in axe form, can make quick work of the armored boxer.

For more details on Raging Brachydios, be sure to check back after the next Iceborne update in March! Until then, happy hunting.


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