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Don't get mad; get a big weapon and hit this guy with it.

The best Raging Brachydios weakness is key to taking down this new beast in MHW. Whereas the standard Brachy is a mid-tier monster, fought early in the Iceborne storyline and mostly forgotten, its raging “variant” is a much tougher customer. Its slime explodes quicker, over a much wider radius, and comes out more frequently. Before you even worry about Raging Brachydios weaknesses, you might need to worry about yourself!

The rewards can be worth it, though. Depending on who you ask, Brachydios gear is some of the coolest equipment in the Monster Hunter series. The Raging Brachydios version even allows you to take it into the endgame! Now you can finally futz around with that Agitator Secret set bonus, without worrying that it won’t be “meta” enough.

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Raging Brachydios was already weak to Ice damage in previous Monster Hunter games. That remains true of its modern counterpart — which now shares identical weaknesses with the normal Brachydios in MHW. Thankfully there is a wide variety of great Ice weapons to choose from with the release of Iceborne. Velkhana weapons are a well-rounded option — with decent raw and elemental stats — perfectly suited to this purpose.

Water damage should also work. It’s only two-star effectiveness against regular Brachydios. However, it has the ability to knock explosive slime off Raging Brachydios at range. Watermoss fired at its glowing bits, or simple melee attacks, will have the same effect!

Raging Brachydios Tips – MHW Weakness Guide

Regarding other Raging Brachydios tips, it’s worth noting that this variant monster is much bigger than its predecessor. It’s close to twice the physical size, in fact. That makes it more difficult to hit its head with blunt, short-range weapons like the Hammer and Hunting Horn. The Clutch Claw can help you counteract this, but remember: Raging Brachydios slime is very fast to detonate and potent. Locking yourself into long animations can be troublesome.

The Insect Glaive can be extremely helpful here — particularly in group play. It doesn’t just allow you to stay above Raging Brachydios slime. It also increases your chances of mounting the monster. This brings it down to ground level, allowing you and your teammates to get a clear shot at various body parts on the massive monster.

Make sure you have plenty of healing items for the end of the fight, too. Raging Brachydios has a unique ability to burrow into the earth and enter a new area for the final stretch of this battle. During this time, all exits will be closed, and Farcasters will be disabled. This means the only way out is to faint. Obviously that’s not optimal (unless you’re using Fortify). Preparedness is key! Consider bringing crafting materials for important items and map them to your quick-craft wheel for easy use.

Raging Brachydios Armor

It’s not all bad, though. Another, subtler Raging Brachydios weakness traditionally comes from its size as well. It’s much slower than its counterpart! This is somewhat mitigated by its wider range of slime-based attacks, but you won’t have to worry about getting charged into the dirt by physical strikes as much as before. That means slower weapons like the Great Sword, or the Charge Blade in axe form, can make quick work of the armored boxer.

Raging Brachyios’ body slime works differently than in past Monster Hunter games. It no longer detonates on impact with a weapon. Instead, if you hit Raging Brachydios in a body part that has explosive slime, the slime will drip to the ground and prepare to explode like a normal pool!

Finally, during the last stage of the battle, Raging Brachydios will turn black as it throws super-heated slime to the ground. These massive pools don’t detonate over time like usual. Instead, they deal damage over time to any hunter standing inside them (even if you have Heat Guard). At a certain point in the fight, the camera will pull back as Raging Brachydios unleashes its super — similar to Behemoth, Seething Bazelgeuse, or Safi’Jiva. The reared up roar signifies all the slime is about to explode! Get clear or dive to stay safe from the blast.

raging brachydios armor

Raging Brachydios Armor – MHW Weakness Guide

What does difficult battle net you? The Raging Brachydios armor set! It’s nothing to sneeze at, either. The gear comes with some truly powerful skill and strong decoration slots. The helmet in particular is worth crafting immediately, if you have a spare Large Elder Dragon Gem to complete it.

With all five pieces equipped, the Beta set provides Agitator at Level 7, thanks to the Agitator Secret it also offers as a two-piece set bonus. You also get Weakness Exploit at maximum, Level 3, providing you with two of the better skills in the game before you even touch a decoration! That’s far from all, though. The four-piece Raging Brachydios armor bonus gives you Artillery Secret — allowing you to boost that skill all the way to Level 5.

Then come the slots themselves. The Raging Brachydios Beta helmet includes a whopping two Level 4 decoration slots, plus a Level 1 and one point in Weakness Exploit for good measure. It should easily become one of the go-to armor pieces for players using mixed sets.

Here’s the full Raging Brachydios Alpha breakdown:

  • Helm Alpha – 2x Level 2 slot, 1x Level 1 slot, 1x Weakness Exploit, 2x Guard
  • Mail Alpha – 1x Level 2 slot, 2x Level 1 slot, 2x Agitator, 3x Blast Attack
  • Braces Alpha – 2x Level 2 slots, 2x Agitator, 3x Artillery
  • Faulds Alpha – 1x Level 3 slot, 3x Agitator, 2x Artillery
  • Greaves Alpha – 1x Level 3 slot, 1x Level 1 slot, 2x Weakness Exploit, 3x Speed Sharpening

Here’s the full Raging Brachydios Beta breakdown:

  • Helm Beta – 2x Level 4 slots, 1x Level 1 slot, 1x Weakness Exploit
  • Mail Beta – 1x Level 4 slot, 1x Level 2 slot, 1x Level 1 slot, 2x Agitator
  • Braces Beta – 2x Level 4 slots, 2x Agitator
  • Faulds Beta – 1x Level 4 slot, 1x Level 1 slot, 3x Agitator
  • Greaves Beta – 1x Level 4 slot, 2x Level 1 slots, 2x Weakness Exploit

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