Raft Vine Goo Guide – How to Craft & Use Vine Goo

Raft’s second major content update has gone live, so players new and old are flocking to this oceanic survival game. Quickly gaining popularity on Steam and Twitch, Raft tasks players with constructing their boat to help them find civilization. Just like other titles in this genre, you’ll be building pretty much everything from simple floors and walls to advanced circuitry. One of the key crafting materials you’ll need for the endgame or even advance through the game’s story is Vine Goo. Used in crafting survival materials and, more crucially, circuit boards, this item is something you’ll want to stock up on.

How to Get Vine Goo

You can make Vine Goo by placing seaweed into the Smelter and waiting 50 seconds for it to liquidize. Seaweed is found in the coral reefs surrounding the small islands you’ll come across during your journey. When you dive into the water, look for large stalks of seaweed and pick the clumps up that are floating in the middle. Once you have these, place them into your Smelter and wait until a dark green liquid appears. This is Vine Goo, which you can now add to your inventory and use in crafting. There’s also a small chance you’ll find Vine Goo on abandoned rafts or in crates. However, this is unlikely and you should never rely on this method to horde or consistently obtain Vine Goo.

Once you have Vine Goo, I recommend crafting an Empty Bottle and some Circuit Boards first. The former allows you to store a lot of freshwater into a portable container, while the other is used in making the Reciever. The latter is critical, as it will help you start the main story, along with locating key areas and islands for you to explore. You’ll need a fair amount of Vine Goo for all the components to make this device work, so start stocking up on seaweed whenever possible. You will also want to stock up on Copper Ingots since those are also heavily used in endgame crafting. Just like seaweed, you can find clumps of copper in the corals around islands.

Of course, you will need a Smelter to make this which is a lengthy crafting process by itself. Most people get stuck on the Dry Bricks because they’re not an item you can find. Instead, craft Wet Bricks and leave them out on your raft for five real-world minutes. This causes them to dry, allowing you to use them in crafting. I always recommend making 2-3 smelters since you can only breakdown one item at a time in these ovens. Making multiples will cut down on your wait time, allowing you to quickly access whatever you need.

This is just your first major step into uncovering Raft’s endgame and the new larger islands. You should only focus on crafting Vine Goo once you have a consistent method to obtain food, water, and materials. Otherwise, this is a luxury and you are ready for Raft’s endgame.


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