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Pure Poetry Destiny 2 Guide – God Roll and How to Get It

One of the New Foundry Weapons in Destiny 2 Season of Plunder, Pure Poetry is a 120 RPM kinetic hand cannon. As several weapons in that archetype have rotated out of the game’s loot pools, Pure Poetry is a welcome addition to the game. It isn’t terrible flashy, but if you’re a fan of Aggressive Frame hand cannons in PVE, then you should try to pick one up.

How to Get Pure Poetry in Destiny 2

You can get the Pure Poetry hand cannon as a random reward from Vanguard Activities or by ranking up with Zavala by running the Vanguard Activities or Nightfall playlists. It’s a random reward, so unfortunately there isn’t a great way to focus for it, but you’ll likely come across some drops just from playing Destiny 2. The main thing Pure Poetry has going for it in this respect is that it rolls with multiple perk possibilities after you’ve reset your Vanguard rank a couple of times, meaning it’s that much easier to get the roll you want.

Pure Poetry God Rolls

Pure Poetry PVE God Roll

  • Fluted Barrel or Smallbore
  • Appended Mag or High-Caliber Rounds
  • Perpetual Motion or Outlaw
  • Pretty Much Any Damage Perk

As a PVE weapon, Pure Poetry has a ton of options. Our goal here is mainly to mitigate the weapon’s slow reload, and we can do that either by expanding the size of the magazine or increasing reload speed. Outlaw would be my first choice, but Perpetual Motion is fantastic too — you could even do Ambitious Assassin, if you’re into that. In the fourth column, Pure Poetry is spoiled for choice. You can do the classic Rampage, run Multikill Clip, use Frenzy to bring down the reload speed even more, try Harmony if you’re a frequent weapon-switcher, and so on.

Pure Poetry PVP God Roll

  • Fluted Barrel or Smallbore
  • High-Caliber Rounds or Ricochet Rounds
  • Perpetual Motion
  • Elemental Capacitor or Opening Shot

Pure Poetry wouldn’t be my first choice to bring into the Crucible, but if you’re interested in doing so it still has some solid all-around perks that can help you out. Perpetual Motion is great, and Opening Shot or Elemental Capacitor (depending on your subclass) will be a reliable fourth slot perk. The problem with Pure Poetry in PVP is that it just looks bad compared to a lot of other 120 RPMs with its small magazine and lack of Rangefinder. It’s not going to displace Igneous Hammer, though it is at least much easier to get.

That’s about it for Pure Poetry. Be sure to check out our other god roll guides for Destiny 2.

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