PUBG Server Guide: Modified Access to the Lobby is Detected Error Fix

No easy access.

If you’re like me and never got around to playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, then I have great news. The battle royale is now free-to-play across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. As expected, there is a substantial influx of both new and returning players, meaning the servers have been experiencing a couple complications. If you’re a player who hasn’t had much luck matchmaking due to the current state of the PUBG server, this guide can help by explaining how to fix the ‘modified access to the lobby is detected’ error.

How to Fix the Modified Access to the Lobby is Detected Error – PUBG

Thousands of players have been playing PUBG during its first F2P day. As expected, the servers have been encountering issues trying to withhold the demand of so many users at once. A common error displays the following message: “Modified access to the lobby is detected. Please contact your PC cafe manager, web accelerator vendor, or network configuration administrator.” This message has been occurring to players randomly.

In order to fix the error, you can try the following:

  • Press the Reconnect button a couple times
  • Restart the game and try again from scratch
  • Ultimately, just be patient
PUBG Server Error 1
You’ll likely be seeing this screen a lot.

Yes, it’s an annoying error, but there isn’t much to do aside from mashing the Reconnect button, restarting PUBG a couple times on your PC or console, and just waiting until the servers are stable. We have seen this situation with many other online games during big releases, from Apex Legends to Destiny 2. While frustrating, the situation will likely be stabilized in due time.

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Sadly, this hasn’t been the only obstacle for folks wanting to play. On Twitter, I’ve come across players waiting an estimated 20 minutes during matchmaking, as well as other problems. One error message says “servers are receiving too many requests” suggesting to try again, as well as another that reads “network lag detected” during matches, freezing the action completely.

In terms of responses from the developer, the latest update (by the time of publication) was in regards to tutorial matchmaking for Legacy players (this includes players who have purchased the game before the switch to F2P). At midnight on January 12th, the PUBG: Battlegrounds Support account tweeted: “Due to an increase in players trying out the new tutorial modes, delays in matchmaking have increased in certain regions. As a temporary measure we have disabled tutorial matchmaking for Legacy players.”

Around five hours later, the account announced that tutorial matchmaking for Legacy players was restored. This issue only affected folks playing on PC, so console players didn’t encounter this. The maintenance to roll out update 15.2 on the live servers as well as the transition to F2P started on January 10th, so all of this is fairly recent. If the developer announces any updates regarding the Modified Access to the Lobby is Detected, we’ll be updating this guide accordingly. In the meantime, good luck trying to get into matches!

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