PUBG Mobile FAMAS Guide: All Spawn Locations and Best Attachments

Livik's new gun is an absolute monster.

Introduced in PUBG Mobile 1.2, the French-made FAMAS bullpup rifle is a tricky gun to find. Featured only on Livik, the mobile game’s first exclusive map, it’s too strong to be a common sight as the comparatively tiny landscape makes it shine just about anywhere. This rapid assault rifle manages to counter even SMGs at close range, with its included bipod making it a great choice for raining hell on settlements from the high ground, too. If you’re to stand the best chance of a chicken dinner, you’ll want to grab it as fast as possible. Here’s where to find it, as well as the best attachments you’ll need to realize its potential.

After exploring each corner of the map in five matches, only two places reliably supplied me with the versatile rifle—one on the edge of the map, and another directly in the center. So where is the best place to find the FAMAS? It depends on the kind of match you’re hoping to run. Here’s where to find the FAMAS on Livik and all the spawn points we’ve happened upon so far.

FAMAS Locations PUBG Mobile Livik


Dropping into Blomster, after multiple other drops around the map with no success, I found three FAMAS rifles on the floor: two of which were mere meters away from each other. Found in the northwest quarter of the map, Blomster is absolutely the best place to go if you’re not looking for an immediate fight. The rapid availability of the rifle at this location means you can gear up in relative peace early. If you prefer to gear up before taking on the world, there’s no better place.


For those who like to get right down to the action, Midstein as a FAMAS location works a treat. The densely populated town found in the middle of the map typically sees 10-15% of the match’s population nosedive straight to it: and for good reason. Land here, and not only will you have a solid chance at finding the powerful new rifle, but you’ll quickly find yourself a reason to use it as well.

PUBG Mobile FAMAS best attachments

Best Attachments for FAMAS


  1. Canted Sight + 2x Scope
  2. 2x Scope
  3. Red Dot

One of the best things about the FAMAS isn’t its impressive fire and control, but the customizability it allows. Canted sights aren’t terribly hard to find in Livik, and slapping them on the new rifle alongside a 2x or 3x scope is an integral part of the best loadout. It shines in close-range combat, but like most other rifles, it can work a treat at medium-range, too. The range a 4x scope affords isn’t out of its comfort zone, but a mixture of close and mid-range optics works best in the smaller confines of its Livik home.


  1. Extended quickdraw mag (AR)
  2. Extended mag (AR)

On its own, the FAMAS can’t hold a massive amount of bullets at any one time. It’s powerful enough to not need many, but the confidence of knowing you have bullets to spare in a frenetic fight can make all the difference. An extended mag is a must, but a quickdraw version is absolutely the better find. It’s a real case of something being better than nothing.


  1. Suppressor
  2. Flash Hider
  3. Compensator

Now, this one is subjective. When you have the choice between muzzle flash reduction, recoil compensation, and noise reduction, which you go with ultimately boils down to your chosen strategy. Personally, I think a silencer is the best way forward. Given just how devastating the rifle is at close range, its ability to take on proper SMGs should be encouraged rather than ignored.

With a silencer, you’re free to attack from a distance with your telescoping sight, creep in close with the red dot or iron sight, then sneak into an enemy position to take them down at close-range: all without being detected or even reloading.

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