PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map Guide: Best Landing and Loot Spots

Vikendi welcomes you with a hail of bullets.

The newest PUBG Mobile map, ‘Vikendi’, is still in beta. That means anything could change from now until release. This PUBG Mobile Vikendi map guide will outline the best places the land based on available loot and potential firefight opportunities.

Looking for a safe haven from the Vikendi action, or would you rather get right to the point? Read on to find out where you should land for the best loot, and what to expect as you brace yourself for the chilly winds billowing through its towns.

PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map – Best Landing And Loot Spots


Volnova Vikendi PUBG Mobile

Volnova is one of my personal favorite hotspots in PUBG Mobile at this point. This dense town is filled to the brim to multi-story villas, brickwork, and guns. Lots of guns.

It’s one of the hottest loot spawn spots on the whole Vikendi map, second only to another we’ll cover further down the list. Volnova is the place to go if you’re the type to seek out the action from the get-go. Due to its size and complexity, you’ll rarely get shot down the moment you land, too. Just land around the outer perimeter and work your way in. It’s probably the easiest place to find one of the Godzilla crossover shirts, too.

You should find heaps of weapons both inside the countless buildings and on things like barrels and crates out in the open. Situated along the larger part of the Vikendi river, you can either get in or out at any time by hopping on one of the many boats you’ll around the outside. It has basically everything you could ever want from a landing spot, but be prepared to check your corners with every second step you take. There’s a lot to take in here. Once you’re done, the half-dozen or so vehicles dotted around the place should see you out with ease. Or just hijack another boat. Your call.


Podvosto Vikendi PUBG Mobile

Another popular spot along the Vikendi river, Podvosto is straight north of the Volnova – around 3-4 minutes away on foot – and offers a similar deal. Podvosto is, in many cases, a smaller version of Volnova. You won’t find quite as many rare weapons here, but its smaller size means skirmishes will feel a little more straight-forward.

Being close to the cliffs overlooking the river, the elevation is the main thing to watch out for. Try to stay on the high ground whenever possible. With another dozen or so smaller building on the other side of the bridge, it’s easy to get picked off by a sniper if you’re not careful. The two vehicles on either side of the main bridge is like something you’d see in a Cold War spy flick. A natural choke is an obvious option for a strategic advantage.

If you need to make a quick getaway, the west side of the town might just edge out with. While there’s only one close car against the east’s two, a garage is always just a short walk away. There’s even a boat just under the bridge and two more cars on the longer road further out toward Mount Kreznic.

Dobra Mesto

Dobro Mesto Vikendi PUBG Mobile

One of the more interesting places to wrap up a PUBG Mobile match, Dobro Mesto is Vikendi’s biggest hub. Located on the West Coast, this slightly crooked city burns bright on the loot heatmap.

Guns will come quick and easy here. Around 30-40 individual buildings make up its bustling landscape, meaning you should be safe to pick up just about anything you could ever imagine here without being rapidly caught out. You’ll hear footsteps aplenty, but the should statistically be a low chance of anyone finding your exact position unless you’re hanging out of a window or using each and every nearby door as target practice.

Three boats along its shore will allow for an entire squad to quickly make their way around the outer perimeter of the map. A multitude of vehicles will not only help teams get quickly flee the area if needed but can ensure driving another vehicle up close isn’t going to immediately alert an occupying squad of your presence. After all, who’s going to notice one more car in a sea of vehicles?


Trevno Vikendi PUBG Mobile

If you’re the kind to build yourself up in PUBG Mobile before heading into the fray, consider Trevno as your first port of call. And we’re not just saying that – Trevno has its own port.

This densely-packed little fishing town has a lot to offer for the soldier who puts prep before the inevitable pew-pew. You’re not going to find the most lucrative loot on the island here, but its unique layout and two-dozen structures should offer a fairly diverse loot pool and plenty of alleyways to slip in and out of to remain safe and undetected.

The port means boats are ready to whisk you away to other parts of the map, while cars and two garages get easily help with a more land-based getaway.

Coal Mine & Zabava

Vikendi PUBG Mobile

Another duo of locations preferred by those who’d rather last more than 90 seconds, these two locations are grouped together for a reason. They’re only around 60-90 seconds apart on foot, and getting to either one by running straight through the hills presents additional loot opportunities by way of the multiple supply points dotted around the mountain.

You can follow the road around in one of the many vehicles all around the edge, but running through will provide plenty of cover if needed. Zabava typically beats out Coal Mine here for loot density, but the more open environments of Coal Mine can be better suited to a specific player’s skillset. They’re certainly two points to keep in mind if you find yourself up north.

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