The PUBG Mobile Walking Dead Crossover Doesn’t Involve Zombies

But Negan's bat was never really made for that now, was it?

The long line of PUBG Mobile crossover events continues this week. Tencent and U.S. broadcaster AMC have teamed up for a PUBG Mobile x The Walking Dead event, bringing one of the world’s biggest TV shows into one of the world’s most popular games.

Though you probably wouldn’t expect it, PUBG Mobile x The Walking Dead doesn’t actually capitalize, or even build upon PUBG Mobile‘s extensive zombie game modes. Even though they’re a match made in heaven, this particular event is more about the survival aspect of the two brands, rather than the fight against legions of the undead. It’s a surprising move from Tencent, but there’s no reason to rule out a true PUBG Mobile x The Walking Dead zombie crossover in the future if this interview with Screenrant is anything to go by.

What the partnership does bring, however, is plenty of new and iconic cosmetic items for your in-game character Plus there’s a unique way to go about collecting them.

From the start of October to sometime in 2020, you can earn rewards based on AMC’s The Walking Dead TV show through a board game baked into the PUBG Mobile new event screen.

Clearing missions — like killing a set amount of targets in a Classic match, to simply logging in for the day — will earn you “fuel.” You can use this to advance on the game board. Before spending fuel, you pick one of four vehicles, with each able to travel slightly further than the last. Each costs the same amount to move, but every stop on the board rewards different numbers of points. You need to choose the right vehicle and hope for the best to get enough points for each major reward.

After clearing the board, you’ll start fresh with a completely randomized new one. With the event lasting into next year, expect to work hard to get what you want.

PUBG Mobile X the Walking Dead Event Skins and Rewards

Potential prizes include anything from Michonne’s famous katana to even Rick Grimes’ hat. We’re sad it’s not his iconic revolver, but it’s true that his hat has more sentimental appeal at this point. Complete skins of Daryl, Rick, Michonne, and even Negan are  available. And each gets a piece of their signature equipment to complete the look. It ties in well with the current Whisperers storyline, but let’s just hope it’s a silly coincidence before the fan theories start piling in.

PUBG Mobile x The Walking Dead items include:

  • Daryl, Rick, Michonne, and Negan skins
  • Daryl’s Motorcycle
  • Michonne’s Katana
  • Negan’s Bat, ‘Lucille’
  • Rick’s hat

The headlining award of the whole event is none other than Daryl Dixon’s motorcycle. In an exclusive interview with Screenrant, Vincent Wang, General Manager of Global Publishing Department over at Tencent Games, explained that choosing Daryl’s bike over his equally recognizable crossbow was all down to the idea of revving the throttle. A particular skin or model for the current PUBG Mobile crossbow probably wouldn’t go amiss, but an entire vehicle dedicated to The Walking Dead is undeniably a more noticeable addition to the game.

The choice of feature character gets all the more interesting when you consider Daryl doesn’t even exist in the original The Walking Dead comic. He’s unique to the AMC show, with his story being successfully integrated into the show’s adaptions of key comic book moments.

As you might have noticed from the promo image, Daryl even arrives with a rocket launcher to pay homage to a very special scene true fans will recall in an instant. It’s an obvious way to remind people that The Walking Dead Season 10 kicks off this week, on Oct. 6, 2019.


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