PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 8 Mission Guide

Everybody clap your hands!

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 8 missions are good to go. This is it. The final week of challenges before Season 7 makes way for Season 8. For those who shelled out to get the missions early, have fun with the bonus rewards you’ll be farming until the July 14 while the rest of us work through what remains. If you still need a few pointers for past weekly challenges, click the links down below.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 7 Mission Guide – Silver Missions

Kill 12 enemies in Los Leones with AKM – 100 RP


Basically PUBG’s AK47, the AKM is best utilized at close-range due to its high stopping power and recoil. A quick burst will drop most players in the early game, whereas even a lucky headshot will earn you a kill before helmets come into the calculation.

As for the destination, Los Leones – on the southern end of Miramar, is another hotbed of activity. It’s a huge town with plenty of buildings and alleyways, making it a prime spot for the AKM.

Use the clap emote in Pochinki – 50 RP

One of the most popular landing spots in all of Erangel, Pochinki is about to sound like a pop concert or a crummy 90’s holiday park disco.

There isn’t much to say about this one other than get down there and put your hands together. Either get there fast or take cover, though. There’s nothing worse than being caught with your… hands up?

Kill 3 enemies with a pistol – 50 RP

This might be best achieved on something like Quick Match where you can land in a match with only pistols and SMGs available to you. Further aided by the much smaller playzone, you’ll smash this one out no problem due to the frequency of close-range brawls where pistols rein supreme (assuming your enemy didn’t pick up an SMG.)

Complete 3 Clan Trainings – 50 RP

This one is just a way to get everyone contributing to the game’s Clan feature. You don’t need to squad up with clan members specifically, but you will need to join a clan and clear whatever happens to be the day’s training mission. These can be anything from surviving a total amount of time in matches, to just getting a set amount of kills. If you don’t want to join a clan, then don’t sweat it. The 50 RP hit probably won’t amount to much.

Deal a total of 4000 damage in any mode – 50 RP

Thankfully this can be done across multiple matches. It would be practically impossible to pull off otherwise. And for a measly 50 RP it sure wouldn’t be worth the stress.

This is another challenge that will just come over time. If you’re looking to get it done fast, Deathmatch or one of the zombie modes will work just fine.

Get an 8x scope in 5 matches in Classic mode – 50 RP

Assuming the very specific Update 15 found on the PC version made it to mobile, don’t go looking for this in Sanhok. 8x scopes are limited to air drops there. Then again, at least that gives you a way to reliably find them if you’re up for a dangerous trip.

Either way, 8x scopes are quite rare. They obviously lose their appeal as the playzone shrinks, but finding one early can be a real boon. There aren’t many ways to guarantee finding one, however, so you’ll just have to keep your eye’s peeled and hope for the best.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 7 Mission Guide – Gold Missions

Kill 3 enemies with Fist – 75 RP

Time for some bare-knuckle boxing. You know anything goes in PUBG Mobile!

Coincidentally, the official Twitter account reposted a video of a professional beating someone to a pulp in Deathmatch. It might not immediately seem like the best place to clear this given the constant gunfire, but the rapid respawns and small map actually make a lot of sense. You’ll probably lose the match for your efforts, but you’ll probably save heaps of time in the long-term.

Land on top of any building in the Quarry (Sanhok) 3 times – 75 RP

There’s a reason it specifies the Sanhok map in this one. Don’t go aiming for the Erangel Quarry. It won’t work.

The Sanhok Quarry is located around the middle of the map on the Southeast quadrant. Like most missions of this type, it’s a hotbed for activity early on thanks to generous weapon spawns. We haven’t tested it, but its dozens of containers might not count as buildings, so try to aim for the outer edges rather than diving straight into the ditch. It’ll make for an easier getaway, too.

Land within 200m of your parachute location 3 times – 150 RP

We can only assume this means to land within 200m of where you deployed your parachute after the jump. No gliding halfway across the map. So don’t go getting distracted by potential loot you see on the way. Just choose a drop zone and commit to it. The best way to stay on target is to pull back and just go in tight circles as you fall.

Kill 10 enemies with SKS – 75 RP

A weapon from vanilla PUBG. What a time. Since then, the SKS has been hit with nerfs. Decreased fire rate, damage, and recoil. It’s not in the best shape, and even the weakest of helmets will protect a full health target from a fatal headshot. Thankfully, a fairly large magazine and semi-auto firing modes will help rattle a few bullets into a target. Just know it isn’t the most mobile.

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