PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 7 Mission Guide

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PUBG Mobile Week 7 missions are in, meaning we’re one week closer to welcoming Season 8. There is no SMG or Shotgun challenge this week, but you will need to land on a popular Miramar warzone to tick off the gold missions. You’ll need a good team to clear the first, but at least you can take a nice relaxing buggy ride with your last remaining friend when the rest are taken out by rogue snipers. Here’s your PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 7 mission guide.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 7 Mission Guide – Silver Missions

Finish in the Top 3 3 times in Squad Classic mode – 50 RP

PUBG Mobile MVP screen

If you don’t already have a go-to gang ready for a challenge like this, hit up the PUBG Mobile Discord, use the common Twitter hashtag, or check out the official Subreddit. With a game as big as PUBG Mobile, finding a capable squad shouldn’t be too difficult. Just don’t suck. Then you’ll just end up feeling like a wanted criminal.

Kill 10 enemies or more in a single match – 100 RP

This one is basically asking to be completed in Death Match. Killing 10 in a massive Battle Royale map would be a massive undertaking outside of a squad, but can be pretty easy in a typical Death Match run. Refer to our recent Death Match guide on how to maximize your efforts.

Kill 3 enemies while in a vehicle – 50 RP

Don’t overthink this one. You don’t need to physically hit a player with your metal death machine to tick this one off. Drive-by shootings will work just as well. Heck, you can surprise someone by just camping out in a vehicle and popping out to gun them down as they get close. You’ll be wide open for a counter-attack if your aim is off, but it’s worth considering. At least it doesn’t have to be in the same match.

Kill 20 enemies with M16A4 – 50 RP

A popular long-range assault rifle, the M16A4 is more than capable of knocking enemies down like bowling pins. Although capable of Burst, sticking to single-fire semi-auto is generally better – especially for precision at longer range with an appropriate scope.

On average, a double-tap to the head is enough to down a player unless they’re rocking a level 3 helmet. If in close combat, opting for burst and aiming for the upper torso can drop a target if the final bullet hits the head. Happy hunting!

Get a smoke grenade in 20 matches – 50 RP

While this might sound like a royal pain, smoke grenades have higher than average spawn rates compared to other throwables. It isn’t uncommon to toss 3-4 of these out in a single match. Sadly, repeated pick-ups in the same match don’t count. 20 matches might sound like a lot, but this one will tick off naturally.

Deal a total of 500 damage to enemies’ heads – 50 RP

There’s no secret sauce for this one. We all aim for the head. This is something that might get a little more difficult as a match goes on and things get more personal, we all adopt a sniper mentality in the early game. This is five pre-helmet headshots. Not a big deal.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 7 Mission Guide – Gold Missions

Kill 20 enemies in the Military Base area – 75 RP

PUBG Mobile military base

Was the Charge mission from last week hinting at this? Military Base is a prime location on the Erangel map, making the task of taking down 20 foes there easy or incredibly hard depending on your own level of skill. We don’t have any major tips out of own at the moment, but YouTube is covered in “secret location” videos for you to look over. Pick your battles, though. The old run n’ gun tactic probably isn’t a good call.

Carry your teammates for a total of 5,0000m while driving a buggy – 150 RP

Our idea of “carrying” is a bit different to this these days. PUBG Mobile is using the term literally here. The buggy has its ups and downs. It’s all-terrain wheels and boost can help you clear 5,000m quite easily, but its open build leaves your team wide open defensively. Given it can only carry 2 people, you’ll only be able to give this one a good shot in duos. At least while retaining any credibility. If you’re wanting to clear this fast, take it for a spin around the outside of a map.

Kill 3 enemies with M24 in any mode – 75 RP

Capable of one-tapping an unprotected body, grabbing an M24 early in a match is a great way to clear this mission. Though it’ll be a close call. This sniper rifles damage begins to degrade at around 120 meters, so beyond that, you’re looking at damage degradation. Headshots are still the name of the game here as it’s capable of dropping anyone without a Level 3 helmet. Just be wary of its bolt-action system.

Land on top of any building in San Martin 3 times – 75 RP

Found on Miramar, San Martin is another major city demanding you land on one (or three) of its many roofs. Being a major city – and now part of a Gold mission – means you should expect plenty of opposition when landing here. Its numerous overlooks will allow outsiders to potentially block its exits, too, making it difficult to escape without a fight.

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