PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 6 Mission Guide

The return of the emote challenge!

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 6 missions are live. There’s another case of “get gud” potentially barring you from a cool 150 RP this week, but it’s one only paying players need to worry about. Outside of that, there aren’t too many difficult missions to talk about here. If you’re looking for an easier week of RP grinding, this could be it.

If you still need help with past challenges, we’ve got guides for those, too!

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 6 Mission Guide – Silver Missions

Use the “Charge” emote in the military base area – 50 RP

PUBG Mobile charge emote

This one requires a little bit of prior work on your end. The “Charge” emote is an earlier Royale Pass reward (level 40), and without it, you can’t clear this week’s mission. If you do happen to have the emote, just drop into the Military Base on Erangel, pop the emote, and prepare to fight for your life. Military Base is one of the more lucrative high-tier loot spawns on the map, and you can bet there will be plenty of players there for a bunch of reasons.

Kill an enemy from 300 meters away once – 100 RP

If you haven’t worked it out already, 300 meters is a heck of a long way to volley a bullet – sniping someone from the other side of Pochinki is only around 220m, for instance. To clear this one, you’ll need to rely on the circle closing around a large town. Head there with a decent sniper rifle in tow, find the natural choke point, and just hope your aim is up to snuff. Or just play the Sniper Hunt mode.

Kill 20 enemies with DP-28 – 50 RP

An interesting weapon choice, the DP-28 is a LMG capable of tearing through opponents with ease. Its lower rate of fire compared to other similar weapons means recoil is kept to a minimum. While it won’t be the fastest kill you’ve ever seen, the DP-28 benefits from effective long-range fire, making 20 kills with this a case of taking pot shots from afar. Grab a scope to make things easier, or sneak into firefights, get on the ground, and make it rain hell.

Kill 20 enemies with UMP9 – 50 RP

Finally, a mission for those who like to go in hot. Downing 20 enemies with the UMP9 shouldn’t be too difficult to pull off. It’s a mid/close-range weapon purpose built for close-quarters combat. Keep it close when skulking around buildings, and take advantage of its superior range by grabbing a low-magnification scope. A silencer can help you take down a foe and quickly move onto another without detection.

Kill 5 enemies while prone – 50 RP

Rather than risk this one in a tense fight with rifles bullets whizzing overhead, just clear this one while working on the DP-28 or 300m ranged kills seen in the missions above.

Get 4x scope in 10 matches in Classic mode – 50 RP

This one shouldn’t prove too hard at all. The 4x ACOG Scope is a solid recommendation for most mid/long-range guns in the game, and one you’ll pick up in almost any match you don’t blow in the first 2 minutes. Don’t go looking for this one – let it come to you.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 6 Mission Guide – Gold Missions

Deal 1000 damage in a single match – 50 RP

This one might be a tad tricky and really depends on your own skill. PUBG players all have 100 HP whether they’re armored up or not. Armor simply reduces the amount of damage they take from a hit. That means you’ll have to have to hurt a whole lot of people rack up 1000 damage in a single match. Medkits can obviously allow you to deal more than 100 damage to a single player before taking them out, but you’re probably looking at 5-6 kills in a single round to manage this. There isn’t any real direct strategy involved here. You just need to play well.

Land on top of any building in Ha Tihn area 3 times – 75 RP

PUBG Mobile Ha Tinh

Ha Tihn is a town in the far north of the Sanhok map. Its grid-like landscape and central plaza make it a hotbed of combat in the early game. It’s a treacherous place to land even without this mission, so while it’s easy enough to land and clear the mission over repeated runs, staying alive after each landing is a whole other story. Not like that’s important in this case.

Finish in the top 3 3 times in any mode – 75 RP

Another case of “git gud”, it’s a simple enough mission to understand, and something you should expect if you’re shelling out to unlock the Elite Royale Pass. If you’re struggling with this one, just take up a more defensive approach early on. Get close to the circle and just camp out in an obscure location or large town. Let the rest of the players pick each other off. Then fight for your life when the herd thins out.

Reach Diamond tier or above – 150 RP

Honestly, what can we suggest here? Your own skill is the limit to this one. Don’t worry yourself with it – it’s one you’ll clear naturally over time if you’re up to the task. Just go with the flow, try your best, and play as you’d normally play. Use it as encouragement to step up your game. Check out a strategy guide and practice your aim. You’ll get there.

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