PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 5 Mission Guide

Time to put that Godzilla pan to good use!

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 5 missions have landed. If you’re struggling to carve out some strategies to clear the missions, we’re here to help. Yes, it has already been five whole weeks since the Season 7 Royale Pass was introduced. And if you want to still be in the running for the PUBG Mobile Season 7 skins, you’re going to have to get to work.

Read on for our PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 5 mission guide. Just like last week, there’s a bit of repetition here. It’ll all become muscle memory sooner or later.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 5 Mission Guide – Silver Missions

PUBG Mobile El Pozo location

Kill 5 enemies by headshot – 150 RP

The first challenge of the week, the difficulty of this one really depends on your skill level. Experienced players with quick reflexes and a good understanding of recoil can nail this with any weapon. For those lacking confidence in their aim, your best bet it to fall back to sniping. Lock in a good scope, find a nest, and pick your shots. Baiting people with the loot of a defeated player will buy you the time to line up a shot. Alternatively, run the Sniper Training mode.

Kill 20 enemies in Sahmee with AKM or M762 – 50 RP

A repeated task for sure, this one is the king of the grinds. I’d honestly suggest running matches with this specific goal in mind. Head to Sanhok and just grind it out. Like homework, just get it over with early so you don’t need to worry about it.

Land on top of any building in El Pozo 3 times – 50 RP

At hotbed for action on the Miramar map, El Pozo is a dangerous place. Its many large rooves are scattered around the perimeter of the town, making it easy to drop in for the mission and retreat to safely work on another. The garage in the center South exit is something to consider.

Finish in the top 3 once in any mode – 50 RP

This is where you’ll just need to believe in your own skills. Play as you normally do and you’ll tick these off while you work on other missions. Unless you never finish in the top three… then you should consider focusing on yourself. Deathmatch might make this easier.

Complete 15 matches with friends – 50 RP

A self-explanatory one, it’s a rough ride for those who prefer to go solo. If you’re short of friends and absolutely need to tick this one off, consider hitting up the PUBG Mobile Discord group. With other 250,000 players crammed into you, you’re sure to find people willing to squad up. We’re all in the same boat.

Get a Lv. 3 Backpack in 10 matches – 50 RP

Ok, maybe this is the true grind. With mostly random loot spawns, this one is based on pure luck for the most part, but can be expedited with a bit of thought. You can either drop into known high-tier loot locations like larger towns, scout out supply drops, or swipe them from players in the late game. As player numbers decrease, the chance of coming across a player with high-level gear like this increases.

PUBG Mobile Season 7 Week 5 Mission Guide – Gold Missions

PUBG Mobile godzilla pan

Kill 3 enemies with Pan – 150 RP

If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the raw damage output of the infamous pan, this mission is easier than it sounds. Able to block bullets and one-tap a target in prime conditions, simply finding a PUBG Mobile Pan is usually enough to get at least one kill. Pull it out in confined areas and go for the head.

Kill 2 enemies within 100 seconds of landing in any mode – 75 RP

Obviously your best chance of nailing this one is to drop with the crowd. Keep an eye on players leaving the plane and follow them in. If you manage to land first; great. Pick up a weapon and get them before they get you. Otherwise, land on the outskirts and use the impending barrage of bullets to sneak in and finish off a few targets.

Destroy 10 vehicle tires – 75 RP

Another mission you can do casual in each match. The vehicles don’t need to be manned, so just shoot at any vehicle you don’t need. Heck, use one to find the rest and pop its wheels when you’re ready to wrap things up. Easy.

Travel over 30,000m in a vehicle – 75 RP

Okay, maybe ride that last vehicle around a bit longer before you decommission it with your assault rifle. Considering you’ll only cover around 8,000m by going diagonally through one of Miramar to the other, don’t expect to pull this one off in a single match. Not unless you’re able to secure a vehicle and drive around the entire outer edge of a map before the circle kills you off. Take it slow.

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