PUBG Mobile Season 17: All Royale Pass Changes & How to Farm RP


PUBG Mobile Season 17 is here, and its Runic Power skins are enough to tempt even the most brazen of microtransaction haters. The issue with the Royale Pass is that even after paying to unlock it, weeks of play are needed to reap the rewards; get bored, busy, or just plain forget, and you risk paying for nothing.

But how you acquire the RP needed to level up the Royale Pass has changed for Season 17. It’s still mostly the same — burning through weekly missions still awards the most points — but changes to some of the bonuses offered, and the introduction of a new time investment reward, might just offer the flexibility needed to convince more players to give the pass a shot. Here’s how the new PUBG Mobile Season 17 RP mission changes and  features affect you, and how you can leverage them to gain RP quickly.

PUBG Mobile Season 17 weekly activity changes

New PUBG Mobile Season 17 RP Mechanics

Daily/Weekly Activity Changes

To add a bit more fluidity to the Royale Pass, the Daily Mission section has been expanded. Rather than a single, simple objective to complete each day, the Weekly Activity section now offers RP as you climb the ladder, as well as a small amount just for logging in. Around 180 RP is available per week by completing enough daily challenges to climb the ladder. Log in each day throughout that week to add 70 RP more for a total of 250. That’s two and a half RP levels per week with very little effort.

Squad Friend Boost

In the past, Aid and Friend RP bonuses have existed to make challenges either a little faster or award more RP when completed with friends respectively. The Friend bonus still exists for now, but the Aid mission has been renamed to the Squad Friend Boos t— which sounds very similar to the previous Friend Bonus. Mechanic-wise, it hasn’t changed. It’s still the same as before, but as the naming changes, so too does the explainer.

As always, the Squad Friend Bonus allows every friend in your group to contribute to some of the larger requirements of the mission. Those like “Kill 30 players in Pochinki.” can be completed much more quickly if you team up. But the new primer properly explains that while both free and paying players can make use of it, only progress made by Elite Pass holders will share with the squad. One Elite Pass buyer can help out a squad of free players, but not the other way around.

PUBG Mobile Season 17 match time

Season Match Time

The main change to Season 17 comes in the form of the Season Match Time offer. Over the course of the season, you can gain free RP for each major increment of total time spent in matches. This caps out at 3000 minutes, or 50 hours. Loafing around the menu won’t work, either. There’s a 550-minute weekly cap in place, but stick to the program and you can net around 2000 RP just for playing the game. That’s a whopping 20 Royale Pass levels toward the 100 cap.

While it may sound a little boring, the ability to make a sizable dent in the Royale Pass just by playing matches is a welcome change of pace. Beforehand, the Royale Pass demanded playing in specific ways to clear challenges, turning the game into less of an entertainment medium and into more of a chore. After all, if you know how to win a match, being forced to play in unfamiliar territory with unfamiliar guns is no fun.

How to Gain RP Quickly

Other than outright buying your way through a Royale Pass, there aren’t too many ways to quickly grind RP points and ranks. The new mechanics touched on above can speed up the process for sure, but given most are specifically time-based and require actually playing in a match, you can’t exploit them to gain ranks quickly.

The best way to gain RP quickly is to be proactive. Make ample use of the bonuses available to cut down the time investment and boost the RP you get from missions, and you’ll make quicker progress than those who don’t. Log in each day, complete the weekly activity, team up with friends to get the Friend Bonus, and stay in a squad to complete the Squad Friend Boost mission with speed. If you don’t want to buy your way to the end of an already costly Royale Pass, efficiency is key.

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