PUBG Mobile Season 13 Week 5 Challenges – Tips and Tricks

Put the pedal to the metal!

The PUBG Mobile Season 13 Week 5 mission list suggests we’re still leaving far too make smoke grenades on the floor, cold and alone. Beyond that, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Assault rifles, SMGs, shotguns, and every mode under the sun gets a mention this week, so rather than a pick your poison scenario, it’s a “get stuck in with just about everything the game has to offer” kind of week. Here are some essential tips and tricks for playing in modes you might otherwise ignore.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Week 5 Mission List

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PUBG Mobile Season 13 Week 5 mission list

Free Missions

  1. Aid Mission: Revive teammates 24 times in Classic mode
  2. Choice Mission
    • Rise up into the air in a Hot Air Balloon 6 times in Tribe mode
    • Deal 2000 damage in Payload
    • Kill 3 enemies with Pan in Classic mode
  3. Finish in the Top 3 with friends 2 times in Classic mode
  4. Kill 7 enemies with Shotguns in Erangel in Classic mode
  5. Complete 14 matches in Arena
  6. Complete 14 matches with friends in any mode

Elite Missions

  1. Kill 2 enemies while driving a vehicle in Classic mode
  2. Choice Mission
      • Kill 16 enemies with Assault Rifles in Sanhok in Classic mode
      • Kill 7 enemies with Bolt Action Rifles in Vikendi in Classic mode
      • Kill 14 enemies with SMGs in Miramar in Classic mode
  3. Pick up Smoke Grenade in 20 matches in Classic mode
  4. Deal 1500 damage in a single match in Arena

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Week 5

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Week 5 Royale Pass Missions

Aid Mission: Revive Teammates 24 Times in Classic Mode

Quite the mission to kicks things off on this week. Reviving teammates is a best practice in squad matches.

Being down but not out means a mistake doesn’t always cost your team the match. So long as you’re sticking together, reviving a downed teammate shouldn’t be too difficult. You’ll just have to hope that you were downed from far away, trust your teammates to deal with them, or guess that they won’t risk storming your squad.

Use cover or something like a smoke grenade to cover the area and get your friend up. This one works both ways being an Aid mission, so being revived by a squadmate should count too.

Choice Mission

  1. Rise up into the air in a Hot Air Balloon 6 times in Tribe mode
    • The jungle adventure mode was recently removed due to some insensitive elements. We’re not sure whether the mode will be back before the end of the season, but in respect of the complaints, we won’t offer an explanation as to how to complete this mission.
  2. Deal 2000 damage in Payload
    • Payload features a boatload of explosive weapons, making splash damage easy to come by. Vehicles should count toward this so prime those launchers and burn some metal.
  3. Kill 3 enemies with Pan in Classic mode
    • It’s best to try this at the start of a match rather than risk blowing a good round. If you’re lucky, the cast-iron weapon will deflect incoming bullets.

Finish in the Top 3 With Friends 2 Times in Classic Mode

It’s amazing how easy this can be if you happen to find a squad that’s willing to stick together. To increase your odds when playing with randoms, use some of the built-in chat lines to alert teammates that you’re planning to work together. Call out for weapons/ammo, hand out health packs and pills, and just share what you find with your teammates.

You’re all stronger together and showing the initiative will quickly show your new buddies that you’re ready to take this seriously. Communication is key, and knowing when to pick a fight with the enemy will get you far.

In other words, don’t go taking potshots at a target 200 meters out when you could use the element of surprise to take them down without risking the match.

Kill 7 Enemies With Shotguns in Erangel in Classic Mode

Shotguns are common items and work a treat in close-quarters situations. Pump-action variants are the most common, and while a missed shot can leave you open to a counter-attack, they’re the most likely to secure a kill if they land.

Towns and settlements are the best places to whip these guns out, so hot drop into somewhere like Prison, School, or Georgopol. Hold the gun close to your chest, keep to houses and alleyways, and hip-fire from close-range.

Complete 14 Matches in Arena

Arena matches typically last around five minutes apiece so clearing 14 of these won’t take long at all. In fact, the hectic nature of modes like TDM are great for training hot drop strategies and high-pressure skirmishes.

If you need to practice holding a position in the late game, Domination is a good choice, too.

Complete 14 Matches With Friends in Any Mode

Well, would you look at that? Another 14 match challenge. If you’re serious about learning to defend a spot with your pals, squading up for 14 Domination matches will earn you some valuable experience you can use in those closing Classic moments.

If you’re in need of a few pals, the PUBG Mobile Discord is a great place to find them.

PUBG Mobile season 13 week 5

PUBG Mobile Season 13 Week 5 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Kill 2 Enemies While Driving a Vehicle in Classic Mode

Trying to secure vehicle kills can be a dangerous game. It doesn’t take much to disable a car or shoot the driver as it approaches, but many players panic at the thought of dodging the car.

The key is to remember that your target is probably freaking out at the thought of you trying to run them over. Swaying to the left and right will impair their judgement, so as long as you stick to the idea of going through them rather than trying some fancy donut maneuver at the end will probably be enough to catch them out.

Don’t try to sneak. It won’t work. And don’t double-back if you miss. Just carry on and find someone else.

Choice Mission

  1. Kill 16 enemies with Assault Rifles in Sanhok in Classic mode
    • Sanhok isn’t the biggest map in the game, but it does still feature plenty of wide-open spaces for an assault rifle to shine. Pair your favorite up with a 4x scope and it’s a long-range monster. Swap to a 2x as you get closer to a camp and iron sights once you’re in there.
  2. Kill 7 enemies with Bolt Action Rifles in Vikendi in Classic mode
    • Bolt action rifles, like the pump action shotgun, can leave you open if you miss a shot. Grab a decent scope, take your time, and duck out of the area if you miss your moment. You’re not invincible.
  3. Kill 14 enemies with SMGs in Miramar in Classic mode
    • San Martin is the perfect example of a spot built for SMG action. Plenty of buildings create numerous alleyways. Hip-fire the SMG and it’s practically a battle of the fastest finger. It’s hard to miss a shot if you’re close enough.

Pick Up Smoke Grenade in 20 Matches in Classic Mode

Smoke Grenades are some of the most important pieces of tactical equipment in the game. The mobility they allow has been pivotal to many big esports victories, and anytime a mission requires them, it’s PUBG Mobile trying to tell you how useful they can be.

You’ll find these things anywhere and everywhere. You just have to pick one up. It’s good to keep a handful on your person, but the minimum is one per match for 20 matches. That’s not much to ask.

Deal 1500 Damage in a Single Match in Arena

Unless you’re squading up or playing Domination, chances are you’ll be taking a target from 100-0 yourself in most Arena matches. You might think that’s 15 kills, but once armor and health regeneration comes into play, it’s probably closer to ten. That’s not a difficult result to get in your average arena match. Just play to your strengths.

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