PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 8 Challenges – Tips and Tricks

It's arena week!

It doesn’t feel like every other month that I have to point out just how quickly a PUBG Mobile season goes by, but here we are again. It’s been eight weeks (technically seven) since Season 11 came along, and this week 8 guide marks the final mission list of the lot. It won’t be long until season 12 ushers in a whole new list of weekly challenges, but let’s just get this season’s rewards out of the way before we think too much on that. We deserve a break.

Missed previous weeks? Get caught up!

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 8 Royale Pass Missions

Season 11 Week 8 guide

Choice Mission

  1. Kill 16 enemies with Assault Rifles in Sanhok in Classic mode
    • Assault rifles are multi-purpose weapons, but they shine in mid/long-range situations. If you like to play safe, get a 4x scope. hole up in a town, and pick off targets running from the circle. For a medium-range kill, a red-dot sight or similar is the best choice.
  2. Kill 7 enemies with Bolt Action Rifles in Vikendi in Classic mode
    • Volnova and Dobro Mesto are two popular loot locations in Vikendi. Bolt action rifles leave you open to counter-attacks without a good amount of distance between you and your enemy. Because of this, find a building on the outskirts of these two areas to do your business.
  3. Kill 14 enemies with SMGs in Miramar in Classic mode
    • It’s always good to keep an SMG on hand. They’re brilliant in close-range situations. To make them work for you, keep them close in major settlements. Los Leones is a clear choice.

Open 5 Air Drops in Classic mode

Air Drops can be scary. They’re visible from virtually anywhere, so you can almost guarantee you won’t be the only player trying to loot it. To curb your chances of being slaughtered before adding one to your mission tally, watch the drop for 30-60 seconds.

If nobody else rushing in during this, throw a few smoke grenades along your route to cover yourself. Driving a vehicle in and doing the same can help, too.

Pick up Frag Grenades over 20 matches in Classic mode

Like virtually any grenade in the game, frag grenades have no strict spawn point. They’re everywhere. As is usually the case with these “over 20 matches” missions, it’s basically telling you to do a common and trivial task every time you play. Grenades are usually saved for the final moments of the game, and you’ll find them without really trying. If you usually forget about them, now’s the time to grab them.

Kill 20 enemies with Vector in any mode

The Vector is a unique submachine gun due to its comparatively low recoil. It’s heavy recoil that pushes most SMGs into the realm of close-range combat, making the Vector a compelling proposition for those who don’t like quickly switch weapons as the range situation changes.

It’s a good weapon for those who use ARs way more than SMGs, and a good choice for clearing the choice mission up above. It spawns at an equal rate to any SMG (and on any map), so you won’t have to fend off other players also hunting it down.

Kill 20 enemies with UMP45 in any mode

Formerly the UMP9 before the bullet swap update, the UMP45 is a very common SMG choice due to its high damage and attachment versatility. You’ll see this used to win a lot of matches, so killing 20 enemies with it won’t be hard. Just remember that it shines in close/mid-range battles. Using it at long range won’t do you much good.

Dobro Mesto Vikendi PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 8 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Survive for a total of 100 minutes in Classic mode

A “good” match of Classic PUBG Mobile should last around 30-minutes, making this a case of 3-4 worthwhile attempts.

If you tend to drop into high-risk loot locations, expect to play a bunch more to make up for the one or two minutes you’ll survive trying to escape somewhere like Military Base at the start of a match. Play smart and don’t waste your own time.

Choice Mission

  1. Finish in the Top 20 in Miramar 4 times in Classic mode
    • If you’re choosing the standard Battle Royale option of these three, you’re already confident in reaching Top 20 four times. You don’t need my help. If you’re new, just to hide and move only when the circle forces you.
  2. Occupy the base 8 times in Domination
    • Absolutely my preferred mission here, bases exchange hands countless times in a single Domination match. It’s part of the fun. It won’t take long to clear this. Check our guide for a few pointers!
  3. Complete 5 matches in Payload
    • Payload mode is for those who want a more explosive, high-flying Battle Royale mode. More akin to Apex Legends than PUBG at this point, look to this for a change of pace that’s still somewhat familiar.

Deal 1500 damage in a single match in Arena

My personal favorite of the lot, arena matches make for fairly forgiving missions. Getting 1500 damage in a single match doesn’t necessarily mean 15 kills — people can retreat and regeneration their HP.

So long as you’re actually getting hits in before you die, this should come pretty easily. Respawns can force people into playstyles that just don’t work for them, but once you figure it out, you’ll make light work of this.

Add 5 friends

There clearly can’t be a royale pass without a friend-making week. Luckily, avenues to find like-minding players have grown a bit since last season.

I usually point players in the direction of the official PUBG Mobile Discord server to get this done, but the recent expansion into UK/Ireland esports means there’s now another official Discord server exclusively for players over in the United Kingdom.

Everyone else can still rely on the 300,000+ players in the worldwide server, but UK players looking for local buddies can look there to form a clique.

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