PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 7 Challenges – Tips and Tricks

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It feels like each PUBG Mobile season is shorter than the last. It’s nonsense, but it really does feel that way. Season 11 week 7 challenges are here, and they’re still not half bad. There’s an emote mission, but it’s one of those Greet/Thanks ones, so you don’t need to worry about catching up for some exclusive mission-only emote. Here are some essential tips and tricks to get you through the PUBG Mobile Season 11 week 7 missions. Enjoy.

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PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royale Week 7 Royale Pass Missions

Choice Mission

  • Finish in the Top 20 in Erangel 4 times in Classic mode
    • Just hide. Honestly, just wait it out. I can’t count the number of times I’ve finished even in the top five by just cowering in a corner waiting for death’s sweet embrace. Why hunt when you can be hunted, you know? It’s easier: you only have to do it once and you’ll go down knowing you made someone else happy.
  • Finish in the Top 20 in Sanhok 4 times in Classic mode
    • Sanhok isn’t as big as Erangel, so the game of hide and seek won’t be quite as fun. Still, the idea still stands. If you know you can’t fight your way to that top 20 finish, just find a nice house and make it your own.
  • Finish in the Top 20 in Vikendi 4 times in Classic mode
    • If you don’t want to freeze to death, find a nice home, throw a couple bandages on the fire (you won’t be needing them), and just await the moment you either need to receive your opponent’s bullet or accept your fate as food for the storm. Unless there are still more than 21 people alive — then you dodge the storm.

Use the Thanks or Greet emote in Los Leones (Miramar) in Classic mode

I originally typed “Tanks” here before correcting it to Thanks, now I’m sat here imagining how cool a “Tanks” emote would be. Emotes are nothing but cosmetic, but one summoning a bunch of tanks to roll toward a spotted enemy nest would really mess with their head, right? Let’s play some emote mind games, Tencent!

Anyway, both the “Thanks” and “Greet” emote are unlocked (and equipped) by default as soon as you make your account. You already have them. Just use them in Los Leones (Miramar, in case you didn’t read the mission) and you’ll tick this one-off.

Kill 1 enemy within 60 seconds of landing in Classic mode

This one encourages a more aggressive playstyle. If you’re the kind to wait for an empty plane before jumping to a quiet spot, you won’t get this done. Just be brave, drop with a couple other people, rush to a nearby building, grab whatever you can, and just go ham. If you have to, follow someone down and just punch them while they flail around trying to find a gun. It’s the beginning of the match; you hardly have much to lose.

Finish in the Top 3 in a Squad match 2 times in Classic mode

This can be tricky for the inexperienced for sure. The best way to win a squad match is, honestly, to communicate with your team. You can make this easier by forming a pre-made squad through the PUBG Mobile Discord, but don’t be afraid to communicate with strangers, either. Stick with them. Have each other’s backs. And communicating doesn’t exclusively mean voice chat, by the way. We have a great interview with a top-tier deaf PUBG Mobile player over here.

Pick up Spetsnaz Helmet (Lv. 3) over 10 matches in Classic mode

The Lv. 3 helmet can be tricky to come across. It’s seen its fair share of balance patches over time, but it’s still regarded as a staple piece of equipment for anyone looking to win a match. The Spetsnaz helmet protects not only your head, but your face, making it the best helmet in the whole game. Tracking one down can be difficult, but you’re guaranteed to get one in an air drop — if you’re not afraid of being shot like a deer by an overcompensating hunter.

Deal a total of 500 damage with headshots in Classic mode

Speaking of headshots, here’s a mission for those who like to dish them out. The most reliable way of clearing this is getting headshots with sniper rifles from a safe distance. You can aim for the head with a rifle or handgun for sure, but you have a higher chance of missing that smaller target, while leaving yourself open to a counter-attack. Just stick with a sniper if you’re not known for your point-blank headshots.

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royale Week 7 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Pick up Flare Gun over 5 matches in Classic mode

Seeing a Flare Gun in PUBG Mobile is like seeing a hedgehog dodge oncoming traffic: very rare. There’s no easy way to come across one of these things, but there’s a lingering idea that they won’t spawn in multi-story buildings. So, if you’re serious about finding the Flare Gun, think about dropping into small shanty towns at the start of a match. What you get from it then depends on whether you fire it from in or outside the safe zone.

Choice Mission

  • Land on any rooftop in Pochinki (Erangel) 3 times in Classic mode
    • You should know Pochinki like the back of your hand at this point. For the best chance at landing, aim for the center of town on either side of the road.
  • Land on any rooftop in Los Leones (Miramar) 3 times in Classic mode
    • Another major loot location, Los Leones can be a bit tricky to land. Its houses are numerous, but small and scattered. If you’re choosing this one, aim for the west for the best odds.
  • Land on any rooftop in Winery (Vikendi) 3 times in Classic mode
    • A little safer than nearby Volnova, Winery is a clean 50/50 split between rooftops and vineyards. The east or south-sides will be happy to accommodate your feet.

Kill 3 enemies with M24 in any mode

While not as strong as it once was, a well-equipped M24 can still put a hole in anything but a Lv. 3 helmet. The M24 is the next step up from the Kar98k. It’s a more modern-looking bolt-action sniper rifle with some serious stopping power. It spawns out in the world these days, so once you’ve found one sitting around, find a nice nest and aim for the head. Simple.

Kill 10 enemies with SKS in any mode

One of the first carbine-type weapons added to the game, the SKS is a mix between a solid sniper rifle and a top-tier assault rifle. Slap a scope or dot-sight onto this, as you have a very accurate tool for picking people off at almost any distance. It probably won’t win any close-range fights, but with a bit of patience and a level-head, the SKS can be a real asset.

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