PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 6 Challenges – Tips and Tricks

It's Classic Mode week *sadface*

PUBG Mobile Season 11 enters its sixth week today and, surprisingly, there’s still no mention of a season-exclusive emote mission. Can we make it two more weeks without one? Probably not. Nor should you want that, really. But if you’re just here to rack up kills in a variety of different ways, this week is for you. Here’s your PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 6 guide. 

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PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royale Week 6 Royale Pass Missions

Complete 15 matches with Friends in any mode

Here’s where we plug the absolutely massive PUBG Mobile Discord server. If you don’t have a bunch of friends to play with already, this is where you’ll find them. Other than that, another suggestion is just match up with random squads and befriend those who play well. Invite them to another round right as one ends, and you should usually get at least one to stick around. Rinse and repeat until you’re done.

Land on any rooftop in Bootcamp (Sanhok) 3 times in Classic mode

Bootcamp has a nice layout. It’s just a good place to fight. With three large rooftops and a bunch of smaller huts littered around it, you’ll be spoiled for choice here. Bigger roofs are easier to aim for, but that usually means more opposition when you land. Think it through.

Choice Mission

  1. Kill 16 enemies with Assault Rifles in Vikendi in Classic mode
    • Getting AR kills in Vikendi is a true fish in a barrel situation. Roads, small towns, and hills are all around. So whether you like to grab a 4x scope and pick off targets from a distance, or prefer a red-dot sight and closer skirmishes, Vikendi’s AR mission is a good all-rounder.
  2. Kill 7 enemies with Bolt Action Rifles in Miramar in Classic mode
    • Many of Miramar’s settlements are a bit too cramped to facilitate bolt-action rifles, so clearing this one would usually mean staying on the hills and sniping from afar. It’s a high-risk option for sure.
  3. Kill 14 enemies with SMGs in Erangel in Classic mode
    • This one can double up with the Elite Pass choice mission this week. Settlements are popular in Erangel, and while SMGs aren’t the best in Military Base, two birds with one stone isn’t bad. Otherwise, aim for a different town.

Finish in the Top 10 in Sanhok 3 times in Classic mode

One major piece of advice for Sanhok is to always stay ahead of the circle. The map is split into three very distinct islands with only a few bridges connecting each. Many will prey on latecomers by sniping along said bridges knowing players will usually take the road over the water to escape their fate.

Kill 5 enemies with S1897 in any mode

The trusty pump-action trenchgun. Getting kills with this means understanding and trusting its close-range power. It’s a common weapon, so finding one should be easy. Once you have it, stick to towns and houses to ensure you’re not caught out by virtually any other weapon type. You really need to listen for footsteps to get the most out of this.

Pick up Desert Eagle over 8 matches in Classic mode

It took a little while to make the jump to PUBG Mobile, but the famed Desert Eagle is here. It’s not that rare a find, either. Capable of spawning on all maps, this uncommon weapon shares rarity with most of the game’s guns. So while you won’t have to rely on airdrops to find them over eight matches, you might have to look just about everywhere. Take it easy. It’ll come.

PUBG Mobile sniper

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royale Week 6 Royale Pass Mission

Pick up 8x Scope over 3 matches in Classic mode

The usefulness of an 8x scope starts to fall off the longer a match goes on, but it’s difficult to come across at the start of a match when it’s wanted the most. That being said, this mission only wants you to pick it up. It can be found in the wild (except in Sanhok), but air drops almost always have one inside. So you can either hope for the best, or zero in on those drops.

Choice Mission

  1. Kill 20 enemies with SMGs in Los Leones (Miramar) in Classic mode
    • Just try to keep off the roads with this one. That’ll put you at a disadvantage against long-range ARs and snipers. Stick to buildings and short alleyways to make use of your SMG’s close/medium-range prowess.
  2. Kill 20 enemies with SMGs in Sosnovka Military Base (Erangel) in Classic mode
    • Unless you’re booking it to the east or west-most part of the military base, this isn’t a great spot for SMG fights. Avoid it unless you’re a veteran of the airfields.
  3. Kill 20 enemies with SMGs in Paradise Resort (Sanhok) in Classic mode
    • A genuine paradise for SMG fans, Paradise Resort is a closed community with enough cover and corners for some of the best SMG fights you can ask for. It’s all medium/close-range here.

Land within 200 meters of the airplane 3 times

This is a tricky one. Not because of what it asks, but because of how it’s worded. Players on Reddit are a tad confused on how to clear it, but the simplest solution seems to be to jump ASAP and land close to the plane’s starting point. If that doesn’t cut it, jump and glide forward quickly. You might just have to tail the plane and land before it starts to outpace you.

Deal a total of 1000 damage in a single match in Classic mode

At a maximum natural HP pool of 100 per person, people typically think they have to kill around 10 players in a single match to clear this one. It can be more or less than that depending on a whole range of things. You won’t always come across players on maximum HP, which will lower your damage count total when you knock them down, but a longer skirmish against a player who has a chance to heal up between clashes can help you rack up those points. You’ll have to do very well to clear this mission, but the numbers aren’t as straight-forward as they initially look.

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