PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 5 Challenges – Tips and Tricks

Put that pan down!

We’re officially in the second half of PUBG Mobile Season 11 (Week 5 to be exact), but there isn’t a massive amount to fear in this week’s challenges. If you think taking the pan option in the first choice mission is the easier route, our Domination tips and tricks guide is something you should definitely check out. It’s so much easier. Now, before I make any more short-sighted player judgments, let’s dive into the PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 5 guide.

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PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royale Week 5 Royale Pass Missions

Choice Mission

  1. Occupy the base in Arena for 100 Seconds
    • Assuming this isn’t 100 seconds in one go, this mission is shockingly easy. Securing a base only requires one person in a four-person squad. So unless you’re absolutely horrible at Domination, you’ll get this just by playing the objective.
  2. Kill 3 enemies with Pan in Classic mode
    • This is not easier than the first. It just isn’t. Unless you’re one of those pros who slaps people with pans to show just how much better you are, there’s no way this is easier than the arena mission. Pan strikers are either sneaky enough to bag a kill or confident their recklessness will spook the enemy into missing every shot.

Kill 2 enemies within 200 seconds of landing in Classic mode

There are two ways to go about this depending on your playstyle. Less experienced players should jump late and follow a small group down to a less populated place — like a random outhouse. Drop far enough away that you’ll be able to grab a weapon without being detected, then work your way back to steal the kills from the war that’s undoubtedly kicked off by those fighting over arms. More experienced players can drop into popular loot locations to fend off a good dozen players well before the time limit. 

Kill 3 enemies with Frag Grenade in any mode

Getting frag kills usually involved throwing them into the windows of sniper nests or tossing them by trees and rocks in the closing moments of a game. Grenade kills rely on the opponent having to make the split-second decision of moving out into full view of a gun, or hoping the grenade is far enough away. Many can’t make that decision in time — especially if you cook it before throwing.

Complete 8 matches in Arena mode

Arena is made up of Domination, Team Deathmatch, and Assualt. All three modes feature unlimited respawns, making them both good fun and helpful training grounds. Matches take around 5-10 minutes on average, so you can knock this one out in no time. We have guides on all three above, too.

Kill 20 enemies with the PP-19 Bizon or the MP5K SMG in Classic mode

Both the PP-19 Bizon and MP5K are SMGs, and SMGs stand out in medium/close-range encounters. Using that knowledge, towns and outposts shine as the best places to clear this mission. You’ll find both of the weapons there, too. Keep either one close to your chest as you crouch around houses and alleyways. Don’t go anywhere too open. Assault rifles with decent scopes will annihilate you there.

Kill 30 enemies with AKM in Arena

There’s a reason the AKM is featured heavily in Arena matches. Unlike most other assault rifles, this one is built for close-range combat due to its high power and ridiculously high recoil. Other than that, it’s a pretty straight-forward weapon. Just learn to fire it in shorter bursts the further your target is, and you’ll be good.

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royale Week 5 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Earn S or above 3 times while in a team with friends in Classic mode

It’s surprisingly easy to get an S-rank at the end of a match. It’s awarded for a bunch of different things, but just playing well is usually enough to secure it. In a squad match, you just want to stick with your friends, get a few kills in, and heal up when needed. The further you make it into the match, the better, but just remember those three tips and you’ll have a far higher chance than most runabout squad players out there.

Choice Mission

      1. Land on any rooftop in Paradise Resort (Sanhok) 3 times in Classic mode
        • Paradise Resort is practically one huge roof. At least, that’s how it looks on the map. In reality, it’s a concrete haven with a few large buildings situated close together. Land here if you want a more contained fight shortly after.
      2. Land on any rooftop in Pecado (Miramar) 3 times in Classic mode
        • Pecado is a small, almost circular town in the center of the map. There’s on big building for you to land on, but a cluster of smaller ones both to the north and south. There’s a lot of choice here.
      3. Land on any rooftop in Sosnovka Military Base (Erangel) 3 times in Classic mode
        • Don’t drop here unless you’re extremely confident in your ability to not only take on a dozen other players, but to land on some extremely small and sporadically placed rooftops.

Kill 3 enemies with AWM in any mode.

This is a true Elite Pass Mission. Getting three kills with the AWM is easy — It’s an incredibly powerful weapon — it’s acquiring the AKM that’s the hard part. The AKM is only found in airdrops, making grabbing the weapon the most dangerous part of the whole mission. Useful tips for securing the airdrop would be to use smoke grenades to mask your path, or sniping those brave enough to run at it before you do yourself.

Pick up Backpack (Lv. 3) over 10 matches in Classic mode

Most players avoid the Lv. 3 backpack because of its large physical size and the negligible difference in carrying space over the Lv. 2 variant. Just like the crossbow mission from last week, you’re free to swap straight back out to a Lv. 2 backpack once you’ve picked it up for the mission.

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