PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 4 Challenges – Tips and Tricks

Get tossing those pineapples!

We may be a long way from the halfway point of the year, but we’re already halfway through the first PUBG Mobile season of 2020. One of this week’s missions is a slightly gated “climb the ranks” endeavor, so don’t think you’ll be clearing the lot if you’re far from that level of play — and don’t have any skip tickets on hand. Beyond that, things aren’t so tough. Here’s your guide to the PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 4 missions.

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PUBG Mobile platinum week 4

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royale Week 4 Royale Pass Missions

Reach Platinum or above in Classic mode

There’s no clear-cut trick for this. Climbing the ranks means increasing your overall understanding of the game. It’s all about practice and learning from your mistakes. If you can’t climb for this mission, there’s no harm in using a skip ticket.

Kill 2 enemies with Grenades from 18 meters away in Classic mode

The easiest way to get a grenade kill is to use it when someone has a limited means to escape. Tossing it through a window into a sniper’s nest is one good option, but you’ll also see them used to take down the final few players when all they can do is hide behind trees or rocks. In most circumstances, you’ll be throwing them 18m or more anyway. You just need to understand the scenario in which to use them to get the kill.

Choice Mission

  1. Finish in the Top 10 in Erangel 3 times in Classic mode
    • Erangel lends itself to longer match times with more movement. There’s a lot available here, so getting Top 10 means having a good understanding of the game.
  2. Finish in the Top 10 in Miramar 3 times in Classic mode
    • Miramar is a smaller map with typically more verticle elevation. It’s a good map for ranged combat, which makes it good for camping out until only 10 players remain. Novices can work here.
  3. Finish in the Top 10 in Vikendi 3 times in Classic mode
    • The white hills of Vikendi mean less camouflage for most players. It’s small, but there isn’t much room for sneaky movement outside of towns. This is a good close-quarters map for the action-oriented player.

Kill 2 enemies from the same enemy squad over 2 matches in Classic mode

This one just encourages you to finish the job. There’s no point going into a squad match and bolting the moment you take down one target — there is always another. Actually, the mere existence of this mission means more players will be sticking together in their squads over the next few weeks, so take it as an opportunity to play well with others. Either take cover and turtle up for a fight, or use the crossfire as a cover to flank the opposing squad. 

Pick up Crossbow over 5 matches in Classic mode

There’s no real trick to finding a Crossbow in PUBG Mobile. They’re classed as Common, yet their difficulty of use an opportunistic playstyle means we’re conditioned to largely ignore them. For this mission, though, you only need to pick one up. You can set it down again right after. So if you’d still rather not attempt to use one (they are silent, remember), just swap it out as you find it.

Kill 14 enemies with SMGs in Sanhok in Classic mode

SMGs perform better in smaller, more confined environments — things like towns and outposts rather than open fields. Sanhok has no shortage of these, but popular ones like Ha Tinh, Bootcamp, and Ruins are best suited to this mission.

PUBG Mobile Domination C Site

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royale Week 5 Royale Pass Mission

Carry teammates in a vehicle for a total of 10,000 meters in Classic mode

We’ve already had a road trip this season, but it looks like we’re going for a second adventure. Traveling 10,000 meters means driving around the outer perimeter of a map like Sanhok. Fragmented islands and narrow bridges can make this difficult, however, so if you’re looking to grind this in one match, Erangel or Vikendi are the better options.

Choice Mission

  1. Land on any rooftop in Hospital (Erangel) 3 times in Classic mode
    • You’ll find Hospital off on a little dirt road south of Georgopol. It’s not a massive building, but it being all one rooftop makes it a good choice if you tend to come in a bit fast.
  2. Land on any rooftop in El Pozo (Miramar) 3 times in Classic mode
    • El Pozo, on the west side of Miramar, is a town littered with tiny rooftops. If you like a bit of selection and have the precision to back up your choices, this is a good choice.
  3. Land on any rooftop in Sahmee (Sanhok) 3 times in Classic mode
    • Sahmee is down in the Southwest of Sanhok. It’s a small town with what looks like a 9:1 building-to-ground ratio. If you’re not too confident in your landing abilities, you can’t go wrong with Sahmee.

Kill an enemy from 100 meters away 3 times in Classic mode

Don’t let the number fool you, because 100m is nothing. It’s like firing down the road. PUBG Mobile is so full of long, winding roads that it’s difficult to not see a target sprinting down one any way you look. Anyone with an assault rifle and a 4x scope can clear this one with ease. Of course, that means anyone with a sniper rifle is probably doing it almost passively.

Kill a total of 25 enemies in Arena

Arena modes make up a portion of the EvoGround tab. They’re the less experimental ones — like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Assault. We’re going to doubt Arena Training will count toward this, but with unlimited respawns on the applicable modes, there’s no real strategy to getting 25 kills. Just play and you’ll get there. If you’d rather go into these modes with a strategy, however, we’ve got those by the bucketload. We have guides on Team Deathmatch, Assault, and Domination.

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