PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 3 Challenges – Tips and Tricks

There's a bit of something for everyone this week

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 3 missions are now available, and things are starting to heat up. Like any season of PUBG Mobile, the further we go, the harder they get. Most of this week’s missions don’t need much of an explanation, but there are a few that will trip some players up.

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 3 missions continue a trend of teaching tried and tested strategies to anyone who’s willing to learn. Whether you’re a new recruit or a grizzled veteran with a belly full of chicken dinner, we all need a little help sometimes. Here are some tips and tricks to get you through the lot.

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 3

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royale Week 3 Royale Pass Missions

Choice Mission

  1. Kill 8 enemies in a single match in Classic mode
    • Opt for this if you’re a more reserved player who knows the basic rules of Battle Royale survival. Killing eight other players on what is essentially a single life isn’t easy. If you’re not regularly doing this already, don’t bother with this mission.
  2. Kill more than 16 players in a single match in Arena
    • Infinite respawns in something like Team Deathmatch makes this mission a good choice for more aggressive playstyles. Find a gun you’re comfortable with, know when to run from a fight to heal up, and maybe rush for that LMG in the middle of Warehouse.

Land more than 1500 meters away from the airplane 1 time

This means just gliding your way across the map the moment you leave the plane. Don’t push forward or back, otherwise you’ll either travel little distance slowly, or dive into the ground without going very far. Just relax and enjoy the glide.

Win a Classic match 1 time while wearing a Miltary Vest (Lv. 3)

You know what? If you’re winning a Classic match without a Lv. 3 vest, you’re too good for these missions anyway. If you’re not getting a chicken dinner, your lack of Lv. 3 vest is probably the reason why. You can pick these things up in most high-tier loot locations, but air drops and the corpses of your defeated enemies are two other great sources.

Open 3 Air Drops in Classic mode

Here’s a tougher one. Air Drops attract danger like a magnet. They float in from the sky periodically and contain a bunch of powerful equipment. If one lands in an open field, be prepared to toss some smoke grenades before running in.

You can theoretically die right after opening these and tick the mission off just fine, but that’s no way to live. Use this mission to practice a key PUBG Mobile skill.

Land on any rooftop in San Martin (Miramar) 3 times in Classic mode

San Martin benefits from plenty of elevated terrain in the surrounding area, giving players ample cover during firefights. It’s a large town, too, which means a ridiculous number of roofs just waiting to cushion your feet. The probably of this mission isn’t landing on a roof, but surviving the fights you’re sure to start by dropping there.

Win 6 times in Arena

This one is purely a matter of choosing which Arena game type you’re best suited to — Team Deathmatch and Assault for the kill chasers, or Domination for the strategists. TDM and Assault only differ in map, so if you prefer the run n’ gun approach, just pick whichever map you like best. Sliding in Ruins is a blast, though.

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 3

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Royale Week 3 Royale Pass Missions

Kill 5 enemies with headshots in Classic mode

Assault Rifles are the more common option here if you’re completing this on a whim, but actual sniper rifles will be the more consistent choice by far. That goes without saying, honestly.

If you’re struggling to work with the beloved Kar98k bolt-action rifle that’s commonplace in PUBG Mobile, just grab your favorite assault rifle, slap a 4x scope on it, and take potshots at distant targets. Ease up on that trigger.

Choice Mission

  1. Kill 20 enemies with Assault Rifles in Sahmee (Sanhok) in Classic mode
    • Sahmee looks like a paintball map. It’s tiny, dense, and littered with short walls. There’s practically nowhere to hide here, but low walls mean plenty of opportunities for long-range firefights. Just bring the right scope.
  2. Kill 20 enemies with Assault Rifles in Pochinki (Erangel) in Classic mode
    • Unless you’re specifically standing right in the center of this place, it’s more an SMG battlefield that an assault rifle play area. Keep close to the main roads if you’re set on clearing this one.
  3. Kill 20 enemies with Assault Rifles in San Martin (Miramar) in Classic mode
    • San Martin is a densely-packed town, but it’s so large that assault rifles seem like a natural fit in place of SMGs and shotguns. Try to stay close to the main roads, though. That way you’ll have plenty of escape routes and chances at distant targets.

Kill 5 enemies in Kar98k in any mode

Killing with the Kar98k means grabbing it early before players armor up, or hearing that satisfying headshot ping. Certain helmets can actually negate the one-shot, though, so be careful. The long break between shots still makes early kills with the Kar98k the preferred option.

Pick up 4x Scope over 10 matches in Classic mode

There’s not a whole lot to say about this one. The 4x scope is the most versatile choice of optics in the game. Everybody wants them, everybody needs them, and they’re usually common enough that everybody can get one without much thought.

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