PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 1 Challenges – Tips and Tricks


Things are changing with PUBG Mobile season 11 — changing for the better. Starting now, some missions will give you the option of selecting one of three variants to complete. They’re the ones in bulleted lists down below. These are usually map or gamemode specific.

Where it once seemed like Tencent used season missions to force us into modes or maps we didn’t like, season 11 helps rectify that with fluid missions we can cherrypick to suit our own styles. More options mean longer season 11 guides, but we’re chopping our tips up into bite-sized pieces to keep things neat and tidy. Let’s crack on.

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Castle

PUBG Mobile Season 11 Week 1 Royale Pass Missions

  1. Land on any rooftop in School (Erangel) 3 times in Classic mode
    • School is a popular landing spot on Erangel. It doesn’t have many places to land to clear this mission, but doing so will put you at an advantage for the rest of the match — if you plan on sticking around, that is.
  2. Land on any rooftop in Ha Tinh (Sanhok) 3 times in Classic mode
    • Ha Tihn made the honorable mentions list in our PUBG Mobile Best Locations to Live article a few weeks back. It doesn’t benefit for bountiful loot drops like School, but there dozens of roofs of all different shapes and sizes that should make landing here easier.
  3. Land on any rooftop in Castle (Vikendi) 3 times in Classic mode
    • This is probably one of the easier places to clear this mission thanks to its two large rooftops. Castle isn’t a popular fighting destination and doesn’t really have the loot to help much, but you should be safe to land here without too much trouble.

Win a Classic match 1 time while wearing a Spetsnaz Helmet Lv. 3

For a little while now, Lv. 3 helmets have spawned in the wild. They’re a rare sight, but they don’t take hundreds of hours of combat experience to sneak out of an air drop these days.

We’ve always said the best ways of finding these outside of air drops is to either head straight to high-tier loot locations like Military Base at the start of a match, or last long enough to shoot one off another player.

Add 5 friends

There’s no a whole lot to say here. Either head on over to the PUBG Mobile Discord channel or add whoever you mesh well with during team matches. PUBG Mobile players seem to really focus on squad matches, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding friends.

Kill 5 enemies with Pistol in any mode

If you’re not too confident bringing a pistol to an assault rifle fight, think about heading into Quick Match. There’s a chance the round will be pistols-only, which should help level the playfield. Failing that, land in mid-tier loot locations alongside a couple other players. Grab a pistol and play aggressive.

Kill 16 enemies with Assault Rifles in Erangel in Classic mode

16 enemies is oddly specific, but it doesn’t make it any less of a “just play the game” kind of mission. Assault rifles are a staple of the PUBG Mobile meta — everyone has one, and they work reasonably well at just about any range with the right equips.

Get a 4x scope if you like to pick targets off from a distance, or a red-dot sight or similar for medium range. Then stick to firing from the hip at close range. You got this.

Give 20 LIKEs to teammates

This one doesn’t really matter whether you got along with the players or not. You’re all in it for the Season 11 rewards, so just toss those thumbs out as fast as you can. Just remember to give a LIKE to anyone who actually plays well even after clearing this one.

PUBG Mobile sights

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 7 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Restore 1000 Health in Classic mode

This doesn’t have to be in a single match. Healing up is something you should be doing anyway, but this mission will probably teach a valuable lesson to players who really need it. Always stock up on healing supplies and patch up after every fight. In fact, you should heal up between pot shots during a long-range fight. 1 HP really can make the difference.

  1. Complete 10 matches with Friends in Classic mode
    • Again, turn to the PUBG Mobile Discord server if you need help finding people to play with. Otherwise, just play a few squad matches and invite the good ones back for another.
  2. Complete 20 matches with Friends Friends in Team Arena
    • We’re keeping these copy errors in for the sake of preservation. Team Arena means Arena Training, Team Deathmatch, Domination, or Assault. Just pick your favorite from the Evoground menu and bring whoever you can. These are fun.
  3. Complete 10 matches with friends in Payload
    • Like blowing stuff up with your mates? Payload survived a patch cycle, so there’s still time to check it out. Ride choppers, fire RPGs, and revive the teammates you blow up along the way. Have a blast.

Pick up M24 over 3 matches in Classic mode

The M24 is classed as an uncommon bolt-action sniper rifle. You won’t find it in a specific place, but if you often find yourself in high-tier loot locations, you shouldn’t have too much trouble coming across them.

Destroy 10 vehicle tires in Classic mode

You can use the interactive PUBG Mobile map to get a sense of where vehicles are likely to spawn on any given map. You can, of course, just blow up any vehicle you see, but you can use the tool to plot a route to blow a few up and drive another to a cluster of more wheels to decimate. Either run a marathon around a map or clear this in multiple runs. It doesn’t matter.

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