PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 7 Challenges – Tips and Tricks

Holy smokes, PUBG Man!

We’ve finally arrived at the penultimate week of PUBG Mobile Season 10. Week 7 challenges want this season’s exclusive emote for a perfect clear, but there’s no shame in popping a skip ticket if you’re a little far behind. That being said, there are far more tedious missions this week to use those on. If you’re up for the challenge, here are some essential tips and tricks to the PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 7 royale pass missions. You’ve been warned. 

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PUBG Mobile bolt action snipers

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Royale Week 7 Royale Pass Missions

Kill 10 enemies in Erangel in Classic mode with bolt action sniper rifles – 50 RP

Without any data whatsoever, I can comfortably say 80 percent of players think they’re god-tier snipers. That’s fine. 99 percent of players in that sample rate are lying to themselves, but it only takes one hit in every 19 missed shots to reaffirm the misplaced idea that we’re expert marksmen. It’s why we’re not going to give any solid tips on how to kill 10 enemies in Erangel with bolt action sniper rifles. You already know you’ll get there eventually just through regular play. Grab a Kar98k and a scope and get to work.

What we will say is to remember to take bullet drop-off into account when lining up your shots. If your target is way off into the distance, aim ahead and slightly above their current position. Head into the training area to practice if need be. 

Finish in the top 3 3 times in Squad Classic mode – 100 RP

This one always depends on your preferred playstyle. It can be difficult to stick to your usual tactics when you’re at the mercy of a squad, but even if they take off and get killed in the first few minutes, you can still manage a top three finish by playing it safe.

You won’t stand much of a chance against a squad on your lonesome. Avoid those scenarios. Stick with your team as best you can and peel away during fights to flank your targets. But if you find yourself alone, stay on the edges of the circle. Keep a low profile. Once there’s only 10 or so players remaining, it’s usually safe to assume you’re back to a solo/duo match.

Win a Classic match while wearing Lv. 3 Armor – 50 RP

If you’re winning a match, chances are you’re wearing Lv. 3 Armor to do it. Finding this level of gear usually means looting it from an airdrop or another player later in the match, but it’s not that uncommon to find in high-tier loot locations, either.

The damage reduction afforded by it can play a key role in surviving duels. If you find yourself in the Top 10, chances are the next person you take down will have some Lv. 3 Armor for you to loot. It’s simple probability. 

Get a Smoke Grenade in 20 matches – 50 RP

Smoke grenades are some of the most common items in all of PUBG Mobile. If you’ve ever spectated the closing moments of a match or watched PUBG Mobile pros duke it out, you’ll know smokes play a vital role in top-level strategies.

With the right mindset, you’ll end up finding three or four of these on average in each match. You only need one, but that fact alone means you’ll make steady progress on this without much effort. Don’t ignore the smokes! They’re everywhere.

Deal a total of 500 damage to enemies’ heads – 50 RP

Aiming for a player’s head is one of the fastest ways to take them out – if you have the skill to pull it off. Targets take vastly increased damage when a bullet lands between the eyes, making this a particularly simple mission to complete.

If you’re not getting lucky when spraying a rifle, popping someone from a distance with a sniper (or even a desert eagle) can speed this one up. It’s risky to focus on a target’s head when they’re gunning you down, so opting to snipe an unsuspecting foe can make this easier.

Kill 20 enemies with M16A4 – 50 RP

One of the most recognizable weapons in gaming these days, the M16A4 should feel like a familiar friend when you pick one up. It’s not quite as well-balanced as the SCAR-L, but if you can conquer its sharper recoil and dual firing modes, picking off 20 targets with the M16A4 shouldn’t be too difficult.

Assault Rifles are some of the more popular weapon types in the game, so you no doubt already have the necessary experience needed to clean up here. If you’re not too confident in your dueling skills, grab a 4x scope and take potshots at distant targets. This might help with the headshot mission too.

PUBG Mobile San Martin

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 7 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Land on top of any building in San Martin 3 times – 75 RP

San Martin is on the west side of the Miramar map, so if you have yet to download the place since update 0.16.0, you’d better free up some space on your device.

Some people have trouble getting these to count on their account, so the best advice we can offer is to commit to a landing stop and stay there for a good 5-10 seconds. It gives the PUBG Mobile servers a chance to register the landing position. After that, it’s up to you whether you play out the rest of the map or just jump off to your death to do it all over again.

Use the “Super Star” emote in the School area – 150 RP

We’ve finally reached the obligatory elite pass emote stage. These challenges are always blissfully easy, but the sheer amount of PUBG Mobile players out there means there will always be people who don’t know where these emotes come from.

The Super Star emote is a Season 10 battle pass reward, and you’ll only have it at this point if you’ve managed to clear just about every Season 10 mission thus far. If you’ve worked hard, equip the emote, drop into School on Erangel and pop the emote to clear this one too. It’s like a freebie.

Kill 20 enemies in the Military Base area – 75 RP

This mission can be either super easy or agonizingly difficult. It all depends on your skill. The best of the best drop into Military Base in virtually every Erangel match. It’s one of the best (and biggest) top-tier loot locations.

That means while you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get a kill toward this mission, you’ll have a hard time not dying first if you’re not a particularly strong player. If that’s the case, the best you can do is get lucky with a good weapon early on, swipe it from underneath another player, and blow them away. This might take a while.

Get the M24 in 3 matches in Classic mode – 75 RP

Only behind the AWM in terms of raw power, the M24 is seen as a noteworthy upgrade over the more common Kar98K sniper rifle. Once an airdrop exclusive, it’s now available anywhere in the big wide world, but it’s still a fairly rare sight.

To stand the best chance clearing this mission, look into dropping high-tier loot locations – preferably less popular ones than Military Base and School. There’s no sure-fire way to find one, but being a sought-after weapon means the fewer people around, the better chance you’ll have of grabbing it yourself.

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