PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 6 Missions Guide – Tips & Tricks

That's a lot of murder!

We’re nearing the end of PUBG Mobile Season 10 royale pass challenges, but the offerings of week six look to be the most grind-heavy of the lot. There’s little here the average player won’t be able to complete, but if you’re not used to winning a match outright, you might have some trouble clearing the lot. To help you out, here’s a rough week six guide.

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PUBG Mobile crossbow

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Royale Week 5 Royale Pass Missions

Get the Crossbow in 5 matches in Classic mode – 50 RP

It’s not often players recommend using the Crossbow. It’s a strong weapon, sure, but its single-shot chamber means you’re a sitting duck between shots. So unless you’ve got the deadeye of William Tell, using this in an active firefight isn’t a wise choice.

We’ll blame the current The Walking Dead crossover for this one, so channel your inner Daryl and scout the thing out. There’s no specific spawn point for the Crossbow, so just keep your eyes peeled and you’ll tick this off without much real effort. You only need to pick it up, so don’t worry about dropping it in favor of something else in the same match.

Kill an enemy 150 meters away – 100 RP

Now, if you did pick that Crossbow up, nailed an enemy from 150 meters away might not be such a bad idea. Just be sure to account for each bolt’s severe dropoff over longer distances. The built-in range finder will help with aim.

But if you’d rather stick to the tried and true method of ticking this mission off, grab just about any sniper rifle and find some high ground. With the right scope and a bit of foresight, it’s a kill most players will get without much thought.

Kill 15 enemies with the DP-28 – 50 RP

One of the newer weapons in the game, the DP-28 is a light machine gun exclusive to Erangel. If you manage to track it down, getting kills means being aggressive and trusting its high fire-rate and stopping power enough to get the job done.

It strikes fear into those targeted by it. It’ll rip them to shreds in seconds. But its high recoil makes it a bad choice for close-combat situations. Instead, either get a scope and fire in tight bursts at long-distance targets or grab a holo/red dot sight for medium range and let the bullets fly.

Kill 20 enemies with UMP45 – 50 RP

Known at the Universal Machine Pistol, the UMP45 is a very popular weapon choice in a range of situations. You’ll find this on any map, so just pick your favorite and get to work. Being a submachine gun, you’ll get the most use out of this with a good grip and holo/red dot sight at close range, but with a scope and single shots, it can deal some decent damage even at longer range targets.

Win a Classic match while wearing a Lv. 3 Helmet – 50 RP

Finding a Lv. 3 Helmet can be sped up by landing in a high-tier loot location, but it’s not too uncommon to come across one just about anywhere on a given map. Winning, on the other hand, is the true challenge.

The helmet will help along the way, but you’ll need the skill to get there. If you find yourself in the top 10 without one, chances are any target you kill will drop on. Just remember to loot the third-place player for theirs before you kill the last remaining competitor. Winning without a Lv. 3 helmet would be a bittersweet moment.

Get a 4x scope in 10 matches in Classic mode – 50 RP

The most commonly used scope in the game isn’t the easiest to find. It’s not super difficult, and there’s no real definitive way to come across one, but you can increase your chances by dropping in larger settlements. That’s all we have for this one. Good luck.

PUBG Mobile pan

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 5 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Kill 3 enemies with Pan – 75 RP

This isn’t Goku’s granddaughter from the Dragon Ball series, or even the satyr from King’s Quest IV – it’s PUBG Mobile’s iconic cast-iron kitchen utensil!

A single swing to the head will do the trick, but if you’re going for body shots, keep that trigger button pressed to deal the decisive blow. Just like the Crossbow, there’s no specific spawn spot for the pan. Good luck finding one.

Kill 3 enemies with a vehicle – 150 RP

Assuming you can’t just clear this one in the new RageGear mode, you’ll have to get pretty lucky with this. Running someone over with a vehicle takes quite a bit of luck, it feels. It’s easy for someone to hear you coming, side-step, and then gun you down as you try to turn for a second attempt. You need to really commit to the drive.

Be confident in your driving, and don’t try to adjust at the last second if you think they’re about to notice you. Just drive. If you miss, keep going and don’t look back. It isn’t worth it. Just find someone else.

Kill 20 enemies in Sahmee with assault rifles – 75 RP

Sahmee, found in the southwest side of the Sanhok map, is a larg town with plenty of buildings. It’s dense environment isn’t the best place for assault rifles. It’s more a SMG/shotgun plaza. But if you’re hoping to tick this off, you’ll need an assault rifle you’re most comfortable with. Take it to the outer areas rather than interior settings.

Hug some walls, check your corners, and aim to pick targets off as they run from building to building. 20 kills is a lot, so you’ll want to be a silent hunter type to get as many kills as you can in a single match. Don’t stay in one place for too long. You’ll set yourself up for others to sneak up on your with better close-range weapons.

Deal 1000 damage in a single match – 75 RP

You’re going to have a deal a lot of hurt to tick this one off. That’s 10 full HP kills. Of course, you can deal more than 100 damage to a single target if they have time to heal up between fights, but it’s still a lot to ask without you dropping dead in the process. If you’re confident in your ability to not get gunned down by someone healing up, bait people into padding your numbers. If not, you’ll just have to play to your own strengths and hope for the best.

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