PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 5 Missions Guide – Tips & Tricks

Road trip!

As the days get shorter and the nights grow longer, the time between weekly PUBG Mobile missions only seems to be getting tighter. If you’ve managed to keep up thus far, you’ll probably set to make it to the end without too much trouble. As usual, we have guides for past Season 10 weekly challenges down below to help you out, but just know that this week’s challenges aren’t too difficult. You can do it!

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PUBG Mobile Friends

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Royale Week 5 Royale Pass Missions

Complete 15 matches with friends

Practically the culmination of the weeks spent encouraging you to make friends, this mission might actually be tough to pull off for newer players. If you don’t have a tight-knit group of friends or a stacked friend list on your side, expecting people to join your lobbies can be a bit too much to ask for.

We recommend checking out the official PUBG Mobile Discord channel for this one. Plenty of people will be in the same boat with this free mission, anyway. There’s no harm in using a skip ticket either.

Kill 20 enemies with the PP-19 Bizon or the MP5K SMG in Classic mode – 100 RP

This week’s big RP mission isn’t anything special. Just note that both guns are exclusive to the Vikendi map, so don’t go trudging around Miramar. Though the PP-19 can be found on Erangel, too, Vikendi will up your chances of finding one of the applicable weapons.

To grab the kills, just keep either weapon close to your chest and venture around cramped spaces like towns alleyways and houses. SMGs shine in close-quarters. Slap something like a Half Grip on either to help deal with their ridiculous recoil.

Land on top of any building in El Pozo 3 times – 50 RP

You should be well-versed in this kind of mission by now. Landing on top of any building means having patience. Jump close to the landing area and circle your destination as you descend. Settle on a roof as you get closer, and use that rotating motion to stay on target. Once you land, try to stay on there for around 5-10 seconds to give the game time to register the landing. El Pozo is found on the Miramar map.

Get a Lv. 3 Backpack in 10 matches – 50 RP

Unlike the Lv. 3 Armor, a Lv. 3 Backpack can sometimes be seen as a disadvantage, meaning you might want to just quickly swap your bags as soon as you find one of these. Its higher profile makes you more visible when prone and it’s small space upgrade isn’t really all that necessary with good inventory management.

You’ll want to hit up high-value loot areas to find these, so places like Prison and Military base are good options. Either that or just loot them from players later in a match.

Kill 20 enemies in Pochinki with assault rifles – 50 RP

Another Pochinki mission? What is this, week four? Getting 20 assault rifle kills in Pochinki shouldn’t prove too difficult. The open areas of Erangel really benefit assault rifles, so with a red-dot and 3x scope on hand, picking players off from variable distances should come naturally.

Erangel has been an assault rifle hotspot since day one. Just go with the flow and try to stay away from houses and small towns unless you’re aiming to pop someone from across the street.

Kill 5 enemies by headshot – 50 RP

Honestly, with the rest of the kill missions this week, you’ll probably tick this off through regular play. With the massive recoil of SMGs and the long-range capabilities of assault rifles, you’ll likely get headshots without even really trying. Find a sniper rifle, however, and you’ll nail this in no time. Just take your time and be sure to account for bullet drop-off over long distances.

PUBG Mobile MVP screen

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 5 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Finish in the Top 3 3 times in any mode – 75 RP

Remember, this means any mode outside of Arcade. That sucks the fun out of things a little, doesn’t it? Still, landing in the top three isn’t usually too difficult. So long as you’re not eating the blue zone too much, it’s possible to rock up into third place by just staying away from everyone else.

Of course, if you’re shelling out for an Elite Royale Pass, you’re probably dedicated enough to make it here legitimately. Just don’t get into any unnecessary fights, heal up between them, and be sure to carry a decent variety of weapons with you.

Kill 2 enemies within 100 seconds of landing in any mode – 150

Beating up two enemies within the first 2 minutes of a match means landing somewhere at least semi-popular. Too popular and you end up running the risk of being ambushed. Instead, try to follow a couple other players to more remote areas of the map.

If you’re the aggressive kind, land with them and hope you beat them to the guns. If you’re a little less confident, fly above them, land around the outer edges close to a cabin, grab a gun, and sneak behind. Chances are you’ll be able to pick both off as they whittle each other’s HP down before you get there.

Destroy 10 vehicle tires – 75 RP

Ten vehicle tires mean two cars and a bike. Easy, right? The best part about this is you can use an external site like to gauge where vehicles are likely to spawn, giving you an easy way to plot a route and shoot some rubber. Just make sure you don’t actually need those wheels to get around before popping them. That’ll land you in a bit of trouble.

Travel over 30,000m in a vehicle – 75 RP

You see what I mean? Vehicles are your friends. Don’t go popping wheels you know you’ll need later on. Traveling 30,000m in a vehicle is like traversing the entire perimeter of Erangel. It’s doable, but hard to pull off with the blue closing in.

You don’t start this trip at the very beginning of a match, you’ll have to pad it out across multiple. And you should. Vehicles are essential to the PUBG Mobile experience, so you’ll tick this off through regular play. Especially in squads.

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