PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 3 Mission Guide – Tips & Tricks

No need to show any emotions this week

Now that we’ve had 10 seasons of messing around with trivial season pass missions, people are finally starting to voice their weekly in-game rituals. Which missions do you personally toss your skip tickets at? Let us now in the comments! But for now, here’s your PUBG Mobile Season 10 week 3 mission guide. You can’t skip them all.

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Pochinki Week 6 PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 3 Royale Pass Missions

Kill 20 enemies in Pochinki with M416 or SCAR-L – 100 RP

Here’s one people apparently skip — a lot. Finding one of these assault rifles on a particular map can be tricky. Getting kills after the fact can be even tougher. But if you just take the time to switch your regular map to Pochinki for the week, you shouldn’t really have much trouble ticking this off the list. Just land in semi-popular loot locations from the start.

You’ll have a higher chance at kicking the bucket early, but you’ll also boost your chances of finding these weapons fast and also actually having someone to aim at.

Earn S rating or above 3 times while in a group with friends in Classic mode – 50 RP

Now while you might think this is a rough mission to kick off the week, getting an S ranking isn’t as hard is it sounds. Just like how it doesn’t take some professional speedrunning skills to get one in something like a platformer or hack n’ slash RPG, PUBG Mobile isn’t demanding you play like PMC pro.

You just need to squad up and survive until at least the latter half of the match. Grab what you can, do a bit of healing, and get a couple kills. That’s all it really takes.

Get a Frag Grenade in 20 matches – 50 RP

The good thing about this one is that it isn’t asking for the impossible. You don’t need to get 20 kills with these pineapples. Just finding them is enough, and they’re positively everywhere. Just duck and weave through houses and you should be fine.

When are we getting a Death Stranding crossover, anyway? Swap this out for frog grenades. Let’s have some fun.

Land on top of any building in Pochinki 3 times – 50 RP

If you’ve been having problems getting these to tick off in the past, you’re not alone. There’s no real fix for it, but we won’t blame you for using a skip ticket here – though we will say they’re better used elsewhere.

Just pick a spot in Pochinki (Erangel), dive, circle as you get close, and stick the landing. Some say to stay there for at least 10 seconds, some say to pick two-story houses, we say it’s probably just a crappy network thing. Keep trying.

Recover a total of 1,500 Health – 50 RP

At 100 Health each, recovering 1,500 sounds like a difficult task. But you don’t need to recover that all in one match. Unless you’re the type to play the ultimate game of chicken, you’ll tick this one off through regular play. Just heal up between fights. Flee if you know you can’t win and get wrapping those bandages.

Eliminate 10 players with the G36C – 50 RP

The G36C only spawns in Vikendi, making it a reason to break away from Erangel after all these Pochinki missions.

You shouldn’t have too much trouble coming across the G36C. It’s the map’s equivalent to the M416, after all. But while they perform similarly, the G36C does trade a little bit of damage for better handling. So if you’re a pro M416 user, just remember to go a little easier on the recoil compensation and maybe keep hold of the trigger just a little longer.

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 3 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Carry your teammates for a total of 10,000m while driving in a vehicle – 150 RP

Another one we won’t blame people for skipping, but also one that can be ticked off in a couple different ways. If you’re the type to hold back on the offensive until later on in the match, you and your squad can tick this off pretty quickly by doing a lap around just about any full-sized Classic map. Otherwise, it’ll come naturally as you drive between map points over the week. There’s no rush.

Open 5 air drops – 75 RP

Here’s one for those willing to take a few risks on the battlefield. Air drops periodically drop on random locations during a match. Crack them open, and you’ll usually find some impressive loot. But anyone nearby can see them fall, creating a risk vs reward situation. You need to be the one to open the air drop first, so get there fast, drop a couple smokes, and make a quick grab.

Kill 20 enemies in Classic mode with light machine guns – 75 RP

We recommend dropping into high-value loot zones to get this one done fast. These loot locations are typically towns and hamlets – the types of places where close-range weapons like SMGs really shine. You find them here alongside plenty of players to target for the kills.

Kill 3 enemies with AWM in any mode – 75 RP

The AWM is a powerful sniper rifle only found in air drops, giving you even more reason to work on that air drop mission above. A weapon like this can net you three kills in three shots if you take the time to use it properly. You can pick someone off long before they have a chance to see you. And even if they do, chances are their bullets can’t reach.

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