PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 2 Mission Guide

Just when you thought one greeting would be enough

Worried season 10 week 1 missions sent you into a time warp? Two week’s worth of missions come at once with each new season, and PUBG Mobile Season 10 works just the same way.

The EZ Mission Pass grants a head start on the following week’s missions to those who’ve picked up three or more elite royale passes in the past. So no, you’re not late to the game (unless you’re reading this on new year’s eve). You’re right on schedule for the PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 2 mission guide.

Missed a week? Get caught up:

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 2 Royale Pass Missions

Complete 10 matches with friends – 50 RP

I told you Tencent wanted you to make friends last week for a reason! Let’s just hope you didn’t make a terrible joke about someone’s dead mother before now, else it’s back into Discord to make some new friends. You don’t need to win these matches, so just queue for something fast in you’re in a hurry, or find a pact who will agree to jump in front of a moving vehicle to speed things along.

Get a Flare Gun once in a match for 5 matches – 100 RP

This one might get a bit tricky if you’re not used to taking a few risks. Flare Guns come from air drops. With every air drop comes a drastically increased chance of getting shot down. The general rule is to pop a smoke grenade and just go for it, but the risks can easily outweigh the rewards. Maybe drive a car up to the crate before throwing down the smoke to at least give you some extra cover.

Land on top of a building in Ha Tinh – 50 RP

Our first actual landing mission of PUBG Mobile Season 10. You’ll find Ha Tinh on the northwest side of Sanhok. As is the norm with missions like this, just glide close to the area and circle until you’re within landing distance of a roof. Account for any forward movement needed to reach a targeted spot, and set your feet down to tick this one off. Easy.

Get a Lv. 3 Armor in 10 matches – 50 RP

If you’re not lucky enough to find Lv. 3 Armor out in the wild, an alternative option is to loot it from dead targets. Of course, that usually means managing to kill someone with Lv. 3 Armor before they kill you, but you could come across a corpse looted by someone already fully fitted out. If you’d rather go the natural route, hit up some high profile loot locations for a decent chance at the goods.

Reach Gold Tier or above – 50 RP

This one will automatically tick off if you happen to be in Gold Tier when the mission becomes available to you, so that’s cool. We can’t really give any all-purpose pointers for climbing to Gold, but “keep playing” is one that should work. Gold isn’t some magical tier of the gods, so most dedicated players should be able to reach it without too much trouble.

Kill 20 enemies with AKM – 50 RP

The AKM is an assault rifle with plenty of recoil, but incredible stopping power. If you can learn to compensate for the extreme bounce this kicks out with each shot, you’ll be able to rattle off 20 kills in no time. It proves too big a bull for you to handle, use it in place of a submachine gun in close quarters combat.

PUBG Mobile greet emote

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 2 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Use the “Thanks” or “Greet” emote in Los Leones – 75 RP

Just like last week, this means using the default PUBG Mobile emotes. Expect this to change once you unlock the Season 10 emote further down the line, but for now just stick to the basics. Rock up to Los Leones, thank or greet nobody in particular, and get ready to fend off half a dozen other soldiers doing the same thing. Maybe you can all get a coffee later.

Kill a total of 20 enemies with SMGs in Classic mode – 75 RP

Advice from the last mission applies here, too. SMGs are designed for close-quarters combat. High fire rates and the spread that comes from that kind of burst make them great at winning duels in corridors and cleaning up rooms. Try to avoid the ADS button when firing one of these things and just let physics do the rest.

Kill at least 2 enemies from the same Squad 1 time in Classic mode – 150 RP

One time? That’s all they’re asking? Most squads stick together, so as long as you stick with yours, you should find other complete squads to take on. Either lay down fire on the front lines, or use your teammates as bait while you sneak off to flank the other members. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

Kill 10 enemies in Miramar in Classic mode with shotguns – 75 RP

Miramar isn’t the most claustrophobic place. It doesn’t scream “let me get my shotgun,” but what it does offer is a fairly uniform color palette, which should help spot enemies from all over, making it easier to carry a shotgun around without fear of needing to whip out the AKM to deal with a sudden long-range target. Keep a shotgun close as you prowl the streets or hovels and you should be fine.

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