PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 1 Mission Guide

We "greet" season 10 the same as any other season

Welcome to your first week in the wasteland, maggot! PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 1 has officially begun, and it’s clear players are already feeling the fury theme. We’ve moved on from anger over graffiti and laughter from “Don’t Dead Open Inside“, straight to the fury of a dude like Victor sounding like a breakdancing anime schoolgirl in the opening cinematic. There are plenty of bugs in the wasteland, people!

As is common around these parts, we’re offering up Season 10 mission guides to any and all who come looking. Whether you need a few pointers or just like need a mission reference while you’re in-game, we’ll have the info for you each and every week of PUBG Mobile Season 10. Let’s rock.

PUBG Mobile greet emote

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 1 Royale Pass Missions

Use the “Clap” or “Greet” emote in Pochinki – 50 RP

Here’s an easy one to kick things off. Don’t bother searching around on how to unlock the Clap and Greet emotes in PUBG Mobile – you already have them! They’re two of the three emotes every player has access to by default. Just get yourself over to Pochinki and get the job done

Land at least 1,500m from your parachute location 1 time – 100 RP

We’ve spoken about this one quite a lot in past seasons. It just keeps coming back. If you don’t understand how it works, just know that it’s exactly as easy as it sounds. It not trying to trick you. Just glide as far as you can the moment you jump from the plane and you’ll cross 1,500m easy. Each square on the map is 1000m, so 1500m is about the distance from one major map point to the closest neighbor. The eastern side of Pochinki over to Gatka is a good example.

Add 3 friends – 50 RP

Tencent always wants us to make some new friends at the start of a new season. Expect plenty of those “play x with friends” missions over the next few weeks.

If you’re not up for adding strangers from your random squad matches, look to active communities on places like Discord. It’ll help to get to actual two-way communication with your invites, and should make it easier to actually group up with these players when the time comes. Who knows; maybe your soulmate could be one of them. It happens enough in MMORPGs, so why can’t it happen in PUBG Mobile?

Kill 20 enemies with M416 – 50 RP

The M416 enjoys a lot of use across PUBG Mobile due to the sheer number of attachments you can bolt onto it. It’s an assault rifle that already has a lot going for it; namely low recoil and “increased reliability.” Simply put, there’s no single way to grab 20 kills with this particular weapon. Just grab it, load it up with your favorite attachments, and treat it like you would any other assault rifle. You can do it.

Complete 10 matches in Arcade mode – 50 RP

Love it or hate it Arcade mode is here to stay. I’ve always said it’s a good way to break the mold between Classic matches. A way to relax and take the edge off. Without the constant fear of one wrong step booting you from a match, play 10 matches without worrying about the consequences of losing. Just pick your favorite and go for it – though the roster is getting noticeably thinner over time.

Revive teammates 5 times – 50 RP

It doesn’t really make a difference where you pull this off, but consider doing it while you tick off those Arcade mode matches. Quick Match allows for squad revives, so stay close (but not too close) and be ready to help your buddies out fo that sweet, sweet RP.

PUBG Mobile desert eagle

PUBG Mobile Season 10 Week 1 Elite Royale Pass Missions

Get the Desert Eagle in 8 matches in Classic mode – 150 RP

Not limited to Payload mode as originally thought, the famous Desert Eagle handgun is here to mess up your enemies. The loud crack of it firing is enough to scare those who aren’t torn to shreds by a single round, but the recoil can also leave you open to a counter-attack. You’ll rarely need more than a double-tap to take down a target with this puppy, so just take it easy, breath it, and fire from a distance if you trust your aim.

Finish in the top 3 twice with friends in Classic mode – 75 RP

Friends, you say? Where have we heard of these things before? If you’re sitting on an Elite Pass, you probably already have a bunch of friends to choose from. If this is your first, put those new friends from the regular mission to work. If you’re not sure of your skills, it’s better to just hang back and wait the other teams out. But if you’re rocking the elite pass, you probably don’t need my help in getting a Top 3 finish.

Kill 3 enemies with grenades – 75 RP

We’ve all been there. Minding our own business behind a tree with two other players left in the game when you hear it – a ping followed by a thud. What do you do? You flee at that tree and you’re dead. You hug that tree and you’re dead. Then… well, you’re dead. A rogue pineapple seemingly cast down from the heavens takes your pride.

Channel that rage into summoning your own pineapple to cast down anyone hiding in plain sight. Toss it through an open window instead of waiting for five minutes for someone to pop their head around and shoot you in the eye. Grenades take time to explode. They cause panic. Use them well.

Give 20 LIKEs to teammates – 75 RP

Who cares if a teammate split off and died? Who cares if you all dropped into Military Base and lasted a whole 20 seconds? Who cares if you team up just to land in the ocean? Thumbs up for all! That’s how you get the fast RP. You can play serious some other time.

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