PUBG Mobile Ruins TDM Guide – Map Layout and Strategies

Well, well, well... Doesn't this look familiar?

The new PUBG Mobile Ruins map bears a striking resemblance to a certain classic esports sight. It’s not a like-for-like replica, but the inspiration is clear — Ruins is based on Counter-Strike‘s famous De_Dust2 map, making some of the world’s finest FPS strategies now viable on a smartphone game. Oh how far we’ve come.

Or at least that’s what we’d like to suggest here. While it’s true finding your way around Ruins will be a piece of cake if you’re at all familiar with De_Dust2, the PUBG Mobile TDM ruleset scrubs the classic level of its sparkle. Spawning here, there and everywhere each time you die means the strategical aspect of predicting your opponent’s whereabouts based on the process of elimination and their walking speed against the clock isn’t going to be much use. But at least you can still aim a Kar98 down through Doors.

Prefer the original PUBG Mobile TDM Warehouse map? We have some essential tips and tricks for that one, too!

PUBG Mobile Ruins vs De_Dust2
Credit: JA, CSHandbook (De_Dust2 map)

PUBG Mobile Ruins TDM – Map Layout

But before we get into a few quick tips for the new PUBG Mobile Ruins TDM map, lets more directly compare it to De_Dust2. Note the maps above:

Ruins eliminates De_Dust2’s B area, so this is a more condensed map more suited to direct skirmishes. After all, without a bomb to place, there’s no reason to spread things out like that.

On the old Terrorist spawn, Outside Long (or Backyard as it’s known in PUBG Mobile) has one less sharp corner, so leaving the spawn ramp means going straight into a wide-open firing range. A rectangular obstacle has been placed toward the back for cover, but the entrances remain the same — up through Door A, or left back onto Hallway, home of the infamous Door B, or Mid Doors — a sniper’s paradise.

Much of the maps’ midsection remains the same. The only major difference being a Short A (Path B) now joining back up to Area A, dropping players onto the opposite side of Door A.

Area A (or Pit) received a similar change to Backyard, eliminating the elevated wall to open it up, and replacing it with a couple of extra cover spots.

It’s Area B, the opposite team’s spawn, that sees more of a drastic change. The terrain dip from Counter-Strike isn’t present, and rather than Stairs leading onto Site A above the old spawn, it leads directly into the spawn instead. A hole in the roof means you can still drop into a team’s spawn from up above, but the only way up there is through the new stairs through Door B, or up through Area’s B’s own staircase on the east (or A Ramp for Counter-Strike vets).

PUBG Mobile Ruins TDM double doors

PUBG Mobile Ruins TDM Strategy

So what can learn by briefly analyzing the map? First and foremost, the PUBG Mobile Ruins map is a more open environment; if you ignore the omission of half the map it’s clearly based on, anyway. Major corners have been replaced with simple obstacles, and the middle of the map now serves as a junction connecting the two sides.

Strategy-wise, this opens up a few new possibilities to players that should keep the TDM game mode feeling fluid and less prone to camping.

Weapon Recommendations

While there are plenty of weapons to choose from in each spawn on Ruins, most will settle for an assault rifle and sniper. For those who like to hug corners or hold positions, pick your preferred assault rifle and the Kar98 sniper. For those who like to run and gun, the many twists and turns here really show the worth of an SMG. Then just get the Kar98 anyway. Everyone loves to take a shot through Door B. It’s tradition.

B-side strategies

  • If someone runs to the left on Long, they’re probably trying to flank through Stairs.
  • The pillars in spawn are great for repeatedly cutting off enemy line of sight. Run around them if you’re in a pinch.
  • The whole of B is wide-open from the ground. If you’re going to snipe through Door B, go deep. Don’t attempt it from the staircase.
  • You can toss a grenade over Door B to deal with any larger groups or campers.
  • Most don’t expect to see someone on the new Path B cutout near Area B. Use this to take out anyone brave enough to come through Door A.
  • You can avoid Long Hallway snipers by climbing the boxes through Door B and under the bridge to get straight onto Path B/Catwalk.

A-Side Strategies

  • The staircase spawn is still the best place to snipe through Long Hallway/Door B
  • It’s usually worth tossing a frag through Door A. Stand to the left and bounce it off the visible inside wall to deal with anyone taking cover behind the two boxes.
  • Be mindful of the new Path B drop when going through Door A.
  • Charge right through Door A at the beginning of a round. You’ll beat the opposite team to Area A and catch them off guard, stopping them from holding the Backyard entrance.
  • Use Path B to deal with Door A campers or to flank other Door B snipers.
  • You can drop through Area B’s upper floor right into spawn. This can be a good escape tactic and a way to get anyone snaking through the pillars.

Of course, some of these strategies will only really work at the start of a match. That’s the biggest difference between the two versions of this iconic map. The ability to slide and climb makes the PUBG Mobile Ruins map far faster than anything you’d expect in Counter-Strike.

And with respawns enables, there’s no real reason not to fling yourself around a corner at 30 mph.

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